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The Nearshoring Powerhouse Attracting $1 Billion in Investments!

Welcome to Colombia, the perfect destination for nearshoring! With over $1 billion invested by global companies in just two years, Colombia has become the ultimate destination for nearshoring operations. No more dealing with time zone challenges or crossing oceans to build your global teams. With Colombian professionals, communication flows effortlessly, and collaboration becomes a piece of cake.

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Nearshoring in Colombia: A Rapid Rise to Success.

The journey of nearshoring in Colombia began in 2019 when the government actively promoted the country as an ideal destination for outsourcing operations. This initiative garnered immense interest, with 60 companies committing to invest an astounding $1 billion in the country.

By 2022, Colombia had solidified its position as an attractive nearshoring hub. Its close alliance and Free Trade Agreement with the United States, coupled with a young and educated workforce, proved to be major draws for businesses seeking to establish their operations in the region. Additionally, the Colombian government's unwavering support for foreign investment provided a conducive environment for companies to thrive.

In 2023, the results of the nearshoring campaign were evident. Colombia's visibility as a destination for international investment soared, leading to remarkable economic growth and job creation in the country. As businesses harnessed the advantages of nearshoring in Colombia, it became an exemplar of success in the global outsourcing landscape.

The Difference between Nearshoring, Outsourcing, and Offshoring.

Nearshoring, outsourcing, and offshoring are all strategies used by companies to delegate tasks to external service providers, but they differ in key aspects.


Stay Close

Stay Close

Delegate tasks to nearby countries, enabling easier in-person interactions and resulting in more efficient work.

Connect with Ease

Connect with Ease

Collaborate with experts who not only speak the same language but also share the same cultural references and work ethic.

Stay in Sync

Stay in Sync

Experience real-time coordination with minimal time zone differences, making communication and engagement seamless.


Get Help from Experts

Get Help from Experts

Outsource tedious tasks to experts while you focus on your core competencies.

Expand to New Markets

Expand to New Markets

Gain the ability to scale your operations effortlessly and access specialized skills without incurring additional costs.

Save More

Save More

Hire from countries with lower labor costs, so you can significantly reduce overhead expenses.


Reach Far

Reach Far

Outsource tedious tasks to experts while you focus on your core competencies.

Think Global

Think Global

Discover new talent in developing countries known for their skilled and hardworking workforce.

Increase Availability

Increase Availability

With teams in different time zones, you can ensure that your business is available to support your customers at any time.

To sum it up, nearshoring involves outsourcing business processes to neighboring or nearby countries, while outsourcing and offshoring involve delegating tasks to external service providers, but with different geographical locations and purposes.

Each approach offers unique benefits, catering to different business needs. Let us help you find the right strategy tailored to your needs.

The Colombian Nearshoring Advantage.

With the rising popularity of nearshoring, Colombia has emerged as the go-to destination for companies seeking a dynamic and talented remote workforce.

The Colombian Time Zone

The Colombian Time Zone

When it comes to building a remote workforce in Colombia, one cool advantage is its time zone. Colombia operates on the UTC-5 time zone, which means it overlaps with business hours in North and South America. This unique time zone advantage allows your remote team in Colombia to work and collaborate in real-time with clients and colleagues in those regions.

Colombia Time Zone Map
No More Scheduling Headaches icon

No More Scheduling Headaches

With the time zone on your side, your team can effortlessly sync up with the working hours of your target market. This translates to faster responses to client inquiries, smoother project coordination, and efficient team meetings. Gone are the days of communication delays with your team when working with Colombians!

Closer Connections, Better Results icon

Closer Connections, Better Results

The Colombian time zone advantage also enables your remote team in Colombia to foster closer connections with other teams across different locations. We've witnessed this advantage firsthand, which is why we've established a Colombian team alongside our teams in other regions. We believe in touching more businesses and empowering them to grow with our exceptional services.

Join the Nearshoring Revolution icon

Join the Nearshoring Revolution

Embrace the power of the Colombian time zone, its amazing technology, and its diverse skilled workforce, and experience the seamless collaboration it brings to your remote workforce. Let us help you thrive in the global market and expand your business horizons by choosing the perfect nearshoring destination - Colombia!

Why Partner with Filta?

Here’s how we can help your business with nearshoring in Colombia.


Find what you need with our Filta Services.

We deliver a number of services designed to make the world a smaller, uncomplicated place for you and your employees. 

Build your global team with our Filta Services

We recruit people from around the world–regardless of whether it’s in your home country or overseas, including Colombia.


Our Employer of Record (EOR) service. As the legal employer of record in Colombia, we handle the compliance, payroll, and HR responsibilities that come with hiring.


To ensure you and your employees have the best possible experience, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will guide you both throughout your nearshoring journey. This includes providing 24/6 support, remote workforce training, and offering various benefits to your employees, such as engaging social activities, educational sessions, and wellness support.


We can facilitate the purchase of equipment or leasing of offices and can provide IT Support services, be it on an ad-hoc or regular basis through our IT Managed Services offering.


Through consultation and education, we can guide you through the process of effectively managing remote teams to achieve your business goals.


Build and manage your global teams with us.

Starting your nearshoring journey with us also means equipping your global team with everything they need to grow and succeed. This includes cultural training, monthly social activities, as well as performance and loyalty perks. Your team will also benefit from personalized wellness coaching and year-round employee support.


Get nearshoring support whenever you need it.

When you choose to partner with us, you're getting more than just a service provider. We're all about being right by your side, providing realistic advice and strategic support. We're 100% committed to being there for you every step of the way. So let's team up and make nearshoring happen together!


Is Nearshoring suitable for a specific industry or business size?

Nearshoring can be beneficial for various industries and businesses, especially for those looking to leverage cultural compatibility, enhance communication, and access specialized skills.

How does Nearshoring impact cost savings?

Nearshoring helps you cut costs by taking advantage of lower labor expenses in neighboring countries, all while ensuring seamless communication and coordination due to their close proximity.

What challenges might arise when implementing Nearshoring, and what strategies can be employed to overcome these?

Challenges like regulatory differences, language barriers, and cultural nuances may arise during the Nearshoring process. However, open communication, proactive planning, and clear expectations can help overcome these challenges and ensure a successful partnership.

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