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Build and grow a full time outsourced team, or find the best full time talent anywhere on earth with Filta.

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Build and grow a full time outsourced team, or find the best full time talent anywhere on earth with Filta.

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How can we help?

Nearshoring & Outsourcing

Building a full time outsourced team in the Philippines or LATAM to compliment your existing team and workflow.

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Recruitment & Employer of Record

Recruiting full time talent either locally or internationally.

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Providing guidance with your existing offshore team.

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We find you
the right people.

Finding right people bring your vision to life is not an easy thing. Lucky for you, we know what we are doing when it comes to recruiting great talent.

Find the Right People

We know how to
make your teams hum.

There is no greater way to learn than being in the thick of it and rolling up the sleeves. We've been doing this for a while, and we've learnt what works and what doesn't. That's why your'e with us, right? To learn how to make this work for you.

Your Teams

We are here for you
whenever you need us.

Everything we do is with aim of giving you the ultimate staffing experience, and we make sure there is always someone there to help you whenever you and your people need it.

We are here for you

No BS.

From experience to invoicing, you will only get transparency, honesty and straight up no BS when you come on the journey with us. Why? Because all great partnerships are built like that.

Round Purple Scott
Scott Pittman Reef Digital Agency General Manager

Quote We were looking to expand our team and capabilities through developing an overseas presence and came across Filta as a potential partner to assist with this. Nerissa and the Filta team are fantastic to deal with and go above and beyond to be as helpful as possible and deliver an exceptional level of service.

Round Blue Josh
Mathew Craig CEO – MindArc Digital Agency ShopifyPlus and Certified Magento Partner

Quote Filta have found us fantastic, highly experienced staff who have fit our company culture and have added a high amount of value to our development, production and project management teams. I couldn’t recommend Filta highly enough.

Round Purple Bren
Josh Blackler Agency Partner - Ripe Solutions Marketing & Digital Agency for Global Franchises

Quote Filta has helped guide us through the outsourcing maze, and with their strategic & recruitment expertise and cultural awareness, have helped build value in our business. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Round Red Byron
Brenden Rawson CEO – Andzen Customer Journey Agency ShopifyPlus and Klayvio Platinum Partner Australia and US

Quote I’m happy to recommend Filta to anyone looking for a partner who will treat your business like their own.

Round Yellow Ben
Byron Trzeciak Founder & CEO – PixelRush

Quote I'd highly recommend you speak with the team of Filta if you're interested in scaling your business or simply to stop burning the midnight oil. Trust me, you won't regret it!

Round Yellow Ben
Ben de Jonge Founding Director The Cut, Perth, WA

Quote We are always sharing our version of the Filta success story, because it's changed the way we operate in many awesome ways.

Round Green Marcel
Marcel de Paula General Manager – Devote Digital ShopifyPlus Partner Australia

Quote We never thought having an offshore team could be this simple.

Round Purple Kahlee
Kahlee Andrews CEO - Devote Digital ShopifyPlus Partner Australia

Quote Our expectations have been exceeded on all fronts, and we're beyond impressed with our growing external team.

Round Red Anna
Anna Tillotson Founder – House of Cart Shopify & Klaviyo Digital Agency

Quote I'm most impressed by how seamless the process has been working with the team at Filta. Our business is growing hard and fast. Without Filta we would not be the agency we are today!


Our Global Clients.