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How Filta Helps PixelRush Charge 20 to 40% More

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About PixelRush

About PixelRush

We are a high performance digital marketing agency that is driven and motivated by the success of our clients. Our premium services are for business owners who have a clear vision for success and who no longer accept the constant stress of non-performance.


Meet the Client

Byron Trzeciak, CEO of Melbourne’s PixelRush, didn’t set out to be the biggest digital agency or the one that wins the most awards. He wanted to be the one known for exceptional results, great client relationships and staff that stick around because they like what they’re doing and receive industry-leading training to excel in their careers.

His view has always been to have clients stay based on the performance of their campaigns, versus locking them into long term contracts and to grow and scale with them versus taking on clients that scale that quickly becomes overwhelming. PixelRush specialises in search optimisation, Google paid advertising, performance websites and landing pages & conversion optimisation – it’s a specific and complementary set of services that go hand in hand rather than attempting to be a full-service agency where he felt you become a jack of all trades and master of none.

Meet the Client

The Challenge

Byron quickly came to understand the importance of hiring in any business and that the ability to find “A Players” was the best way to excel in his business and to have trust in his team that the quality of service would not drop. He was always given the advice to be incredibly patient when hiring, however, it can be challenging to be patient when a business is growing rapidly.

He soon came to realise that finding “A Players” was not as simple as it sounds. He was intrigued enough to start a conversation with Filta when he happened to be looking for a full-time, high-performing web designer, potentially located in the Philippines. His view was that it would be far easier to work with a hiring agency, with access to larger candidate pools, and their extensive experience when it came to finding high-level candidates.

The Requirement

PixelRush was a small team then, and every hire had to make sense from a business perspective – there’s no room for passengers in a small business. This particular hire, however, was important to the company for several reasons. Their long-serving main developer was more skilled in backend development rather than front end development, and he was maxed out and regularly working weekends, which he didn’t want to encourage.

So to balance out his life/work balance and his skill set, the company wanted a pure, experienced front-end developer who could help us improve processes and standards and handle all WordPress development while also bringing Shopify development into the fold. While he had his own development experience and processes, he knew that the right candidate would bring a far more experienced, consistent, and polished development process to the team and significantly increase the overall project quality.

Byron wanted to be cautious with his next hire – he looked for a strategic, long-term HR partner.

“In general, after talking to Filta. I felt we could get a higher calibre of the candidate by going through their team.”

“We both genuinely care about each other’s businesses, I want your business to succeed, and you want my business to succeed.”


Increase in Billability

The Outcome

Filta has lived up to the expectations set in that first call. Byron has been continuously impressed by the efficiency and quality of output and the discipline and seamless business interactions with Filta’s Philippines team. Byron values the quality of the relationship between the two companies.

On his experience with his PixelRush team in the Philippines, he feels that they will be with him for some time. They continue to grow and mature their skill sets, from SEO copywriting to website development, adding more value to the agency’s output. This ultimately allows the agency to charge 20% to 40% more on projects and deliver a far higher quality of output.

Another measure of the successful integration of his offshore and head office teams is how their processes mesh and the teams get along so well.

He concludes, “if you look at the quality of work, or you look at the results that you’re getting right now, you can see that offshore doesn’t need to have that negative connotation to it. If you understand how to manage people, you know how to build solid processes in your business, then you can absolutely scale with offshore. I’m proud of my team.”

How to Get Started?

Depending on the size of your team and the attention you need, we can build a solution that works for your situation while still taking advantage of our hands-on approach to outsourcing.