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Filta Helps House of Cart Achieve 500% Revenue Growth

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About House of Cart

About House of Cart

House of Cart is a Klayvio and Shopify agency that helps businesses create and optimize online stores and email campaigns. It generally caters to female-led start-ups and medium-sized businesses, getting them online, helping them grow online, and empowering them to scale successfully.

As the demand for their services increased rapidly, House of Cart had to scale its operations to accommodate this growth. It needed an outsourcing provider that could consistently deliver high-quality work while being cost-effective.

“We had to make sure that the quality of work delivered by the outsourcing provider matched our high standards. At the same time, we needed to keep our costs low as a growing business,” said Anna Tillotson, CEO at House of Cart.


Meet the Client

Anna at the House of Cart exemplifies women’s empowerment. This Gold Coast girl has built the business from the ground up and tells everyone she does this to create a better lifestyle for her family.

Once her agency started to scale quickly, she needed a helping hand as a mum with three little children running a very busy agency.

“We struggled to keep up with the increasing demand for our services. We knew we had to find a solution that could help us scale our operations quickly and cost-effectively”, says Anna.
Anna came to us looking for high-quality work, cost-effectiveness, effective communication, technical expertise, flexibility, and adaptability. Only a suitable outsourcing provider like Filta could help them overcome these obstacles and continue their growth trajectory.

She wanted to outsource and automate the Shopify and email marketing departments to take some of the burdens off her so she could concentrate on the business side of things. This required us to build a support framework with the right staff and expertise to ensure that the clients continue to get the same stellar services from them.

Meet the Client

The Challenge

House of Cart had the following issues that they needed help with:


House of Cart was growing at a phenomenal rate. And since Anna handled most of the workload, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the business to sustain growth.

Quality of Work

House of Cart built a reputation for exceptional quality, delivering superior expertise for their clients. The businesses needed partners who are reliable subject matter experts to help them continue the winning streak.


House of Cart is a small business requiring affordable outsourcing expertise without hidden costs or sudden additional expenses.


They operate in a fast-moving industry and have a reputation for providing quality customer service. So, they wanted the same for themselves – i.e., an outsourcing provider that could communicate effectively and efficiently.

Technical Expertise

They wanted to be sure that all Shopify and Klayvio services were done well. Finding a reliable outsourcing provider is challenging, but Anna was referred to us by a close friend. She quickly came to trust our expertise in offering staffing solutions that met her needs.

Solutions Offered

Primarily, our team put together a detailed proposal to outsource critical areas and improve business for the House of Cart. This involved providing Anna with dedicated resources and expertise in Shopify design and development through staffing and Klayvio email marketing content and implementation services.

House of Cart partnered with Filta to find remote staff to take the workload off Anna. This involved finding her a Project Manager, Email Marketing Manager, Shopify Design Manager, etc.

Filta’s team worked closely with House of Cart to ensure their staffing needs were met on time and efficiently. Outsourcing with Filta allowed House of Cart to save time and money, enabling them to focus on core business activities and increase efficiency and productivity.

The Outcome

Anna is convinced that Filta is an excellent fit for her business, the House of Cart. Outsourcing allows her to concentrate business resources and time on critical tasks. We have found offshoring specialists to help her improve operational control, delegate projects and use the latest technologies to serve business clients.

This resulted in the following:

Better Savings

Outsourcing to Filta allowed House of Cart to save time and money. According to the CEO, outsourcing was more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff to handle the tasks.

On average, Anna saved 200% a week in time, going from working 45 – 50 hours a week, down to 10 to 15 at the max a week. The cost of outsourcing was significantly lower than the cost of hiring, training, and retaining employees, making it an economical solution for the agency. The money saved by outsourcing was reinvested in the business, allowing the agency to scale its operations.

Greater Productivity

Since partnering with Filta, House of Cart has experienced increased productivity and profitability. Overall, the monthly revenues have gone up 500% over the last few years since the company partnered up with Filta.

Outsourcing email campaigns and Klayvio installations to Filta allowed the House of Cart team to focus on providing high-quality services to clients. As a result, the agency was able to increase the number of clients and projects it could handle, leading to increased revenue and growth.

Improved Culture

Outsourcing with Filta has positively impacted the culture at House of Cart. According to the CEO, outsourcing has given the core team more time to focus on important business activities and improve processes. As a result, they are more engaged and motivated to provide high-quality services to clients.

The work culture at the House of Carts is built on authenticity, reliability and trust. And we’ve helped them deliver on all counts.

The monthly revenues have gone up


over the last few years since the company partnered up with Filta.

How to Get Started?

Depending on the size of your team and the attention you need, we can build a solution that works for your situation while still taking advantage of our hands-on approach to outsourcing.