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News Perform and Filta’s Partnership Leads to Exceptional Employee Engagement Score

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News Perform

IntroducingNews Perform

News Perform is a digital media powerhouse, empowering global audiences with
cutting-edge content and technology. Originating as a simple idea, it now stands
as a worldwide PaaS leader, revolutionizing Australian media. With over two million monthly visitors, News Perform’s leading brands offer diverse tools and advertising solutions, catering to a broad audience.


Client Spotlight

News Perform’s Ascent

From a bold idea to one of Australia’s top affiliate lead generation companies, News Perform has made remarkable strides. Specializing in sports and horse racing content, it is a critical player in News Corp’s growth division. The company is renowned for creating unmatched customer experiences, driven by relentless innovation and a deep commitment to customer-centric practices.

Client Spotlight

The Challenge

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

News Perform’s ethos centers on diversity and inclusion. Balancing this with financial prudence posed a significant challenge. The initiative, championed by the CTO and HR Director, aimed to explore outsourcing to enhance their cultural goals, targeting a diverse range of talents, particularly in Asia.

The Solution

Choosing Filta

Troy Tao, the People & Culture lead, shares the strategic decision to partner with Filta. “Our aim was beyond efficiency; we sought a collaborator who echoed our cultural values.” Filta’s expertise in the Filipino market and in iOS Engineering and Full Stack Development provided a skilled professional pool, aligning perfectly with News Perform’s strategic objectives.

Measurable Success

The collaboration with Filta led to:

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Cultural Synergy

The integration of Filipino teams fostered an inclusive, dynamic environment, enhancing cooperation and sparking innovative solutions. Their perspectives significantly enriched team dynamics, demonstrating the value of diverse, cross-cultural collaborations in the global business landscape.

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Engagement Excellence

An 8.3/10 engagement score on Workday Peakon exceeded industry standards and placed News Perform in the top 20% of the media industry, reflecting a high-caliber work environment and effective collaboration strategies.

Extra Mile Achievements

Filta’s iOS Engineering and Full Stack Development expertise extended beyond typical metrics. Their engagement in cultural initiatives and strategic projects aligned closely with News Perform’s ethos of innovation and customer focus, adding substantial value to the partnership.

News Perform Extra Mile Achievements

Overcoming Initial Hesitations

Facing new collaborations head-on, Troy candidly shares,

“Collaboration was our primary concern, yet Filta’s unwavering support transformed this into one of our greatest strengths.”

News Perform and Filta quickly turned initial hesitations into a dynamic journey of continuous improvement and growth, demonstrating the power of a resilient and adaptive partnership.

Global Connections

The partnership sparked more than just business success; it fostered rich cultural exchanges. These interactions deepened News Perform’s commitment to inclusivity, turning the workplace into a melting pot of global perspectives and ideas. This cultural richness strengthened their worldwide understanding and brought fresh, innovative approaches to their projects.

Guidance for
Outsourcing Beginners

Troy emphasizes aligning with a partner that mirrors your core values for successful outsourcing. He highlights Filta’s crucial role in facilitating smooth team integration and navigating cultural nuances. His advice to beginners is clear:

“Seek a partner who understands and respects your company ethos and can become a seamless extension of your team.”

The Power of Strategic Partnerships

News Perform’s partnership with Filta demonstrates the extraordinary potential of strategic outsourcing.

“Filta’s unwavering commitment and ability to deliver top-tier talent has not just met our expectations but significantly enriched our cultural dynamics,” reflects Troy.

This partnership underscores how collaboration can catalyze business growth and cultural enrichment.

Okendo Partnership

Your Opportunity for Transformation

Seize the opportunity to transform your business landscape with diverse outsourcing. Partnering with a company like Filta can be a game-changer, propelling your business into new realms of innovation and inclusivity. This strategic move isn’t just about growth; it’s about embracing a future where diversity is a crucial driver of success.

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