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Okendo’s 28% Surge in 5-Star Shopify Reviews

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About Okendo

About Okendo

At Okendo, we power brand growth by strengthening genuine customer ties. We help you dive into the heart of customer behaviors, transforming casual interactions into memorable connections. We highlight the moments that turn casual shoppers into loyal fans. With Okendo, every touchpoint is a chance to captivate and connect. Join us in creating experiences that resonate and relationships that last.

About Okendo

Meet the Client

Okendo is a customer marketing platform that boosts brand growth by forging stronger customer bonds. With Okendo, brands tap into key insights on customer preferences, enhance advocacy, and craft tailored experiences. Founded in 2018 and established by Matt Goodman and Matt Garven, Okendo is trusted by 10,000+ of Shopify’s fastest-growing brands, including SKIMS, 1st Phorm, and Magic Spoon and is proudly backed by leading venture partners at Index Ventures, Base10, and Craft.

Meet the Client

The Challenge

Perhaps the two biggest challenges Okendo faced were needing global support coverage and being able to get access to technical and customer support staff with a HR partner that shared their same values. According to Matt Goodman, CEO, they “needed a service provider with an understanding of Shopify and SaaS companies as well as access to high performance people”.

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The Solution

Client Services Team Lead Amanda Calderon said Okendo chose Filta for outsourcing advantages. With their help, Okendo onboarded team members from the Philippines and Colombia, strategically placing them in roles such as Technical Support Specialist and Customer Experience Specialist. Amanda reveals

“I always get the sense that the team is smiling, even when we’re communicating through chat, and I can’t even see them on video. My team is always so positive, and their personalities shine through. It’s been a joy to work with my overseas colleagues.”


The Impact

With the support of offshore and nearshore teams, Okendo noticed a significant boost in its metrics:

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High-Quality Customer Interactions

The team helped Okendo handle thousands of inquiries via chat and email, so much so that its stellar customer service was reflected in 200 new Shopify app reviews for Okendo.

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Boosted Shopify App Reviews

Out of 671 reviews, the Filta team secured 190, accounting for an impressive 28%. With 657 being five-star, the offshore team played a pivotal role in fortifying Okendo’s reputation. “If you look through those reviews, I can’t tell you how many reviews talk about the customer experience specialists who are handling the chats and providing top-tier service. I was really proud of that metric and seeing their impact.”, Amanda added.

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Reduced Costs

While exact figures weren’t disclosed, Amanda acknowledged the financial benefits, noting, “Working with Filta is a much more cost-effective solution. It has definitely helped with our costs whilst still maintaining our quality.

“With the help of Filta, Okendo was able to employ more staff to provide five star service to their customers and was able to hire highly skilled talent in Colombia and The Philippines, which enabled Okendo to reinvest in other critical business areas, driving further growth and success.

Beyond the Call of Duty

What stood out for Okendo wasn’t just the metrics. The offshore teams were proactive, diving into customer enrichment and data projects. Amanda praised their involvement, stating,

“They’re not just answering questions; they’re at the forefront of some of our larger initiatives, helping us grow our customer base and improve our product.

Okendo Group

Learning from Challenges

No journey is without its bumps. When asked about challenges, Amanda candidly shared the initial hiccups with onboarding new team members from Colombia. However, with Filta’s unwavering support and agile problem-solving approach, they turned challenges into learning opportunities.

“Filta was there every step of the way, helping us refine our hiring process and ensuring we onboarded the right talent,”

A Cultural Exchange

While there were some differences between the local and offshore teams, Okendo worked to create a culture of collaboration and shared goals. The offshore team has become integrated into the company’s overall strategy and plays a critical role in its success. Beyond professional achievements, there’s been a beautiful cultural exchange. Amanda joyfully shared,

“I’ve learned so much about the Philippines. From their traditional foods to discovering an island that still speaks Spanish.”

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Onboarding Guidance
for Outsourcing Beginners

Amanda advises companies considering
a similar journey:

Okendo Quote Background

“Have a plan, but lean into Filta. 
They’ve helped us at every step
– from setting pay scales understanding
cultural norms, to overall strategy.
Just chat with their team; 
they’ll guide you.”

The Okendo-Filta Partnership Success Story

The strategic partnership between Okendo and Filta serves as a testament to the power of effective outsourcing. This collaboration enabled Okendo to drive growth, boost sales, and build lasting customer loyalty. As both companies grow and evolve, their collaboration remains a shining beacon of mutual success and respect. Amanda fondly concludes,

“We’ve been there for each other through the growing pains and journey. It’s been an absolute joy.”

Okendo Partnership

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Embracing offshore talent can be the catalyst your business needs to thrive in a competitive landscape. Let us tailor a solution that fits seamlessly with your vision, backed by our expertise and dedication to excellence.

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