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Elevate Your Virtual Meetings: 10 Creative Ways to Make Them Fun and Engaging

Elevate Your Virtual Meetings: 10 Creative Ways to Make Them Fun and Engaging

Virtual meetings are now a staple of our work lives, but let’s face it, they can be a bit dull. However, you don’t have to worry as there are plenty of ways to liven things up and make them more engaging. In fact, doing so can increase productivity and create a more enjoyable work environment. Get ready to take your meetings to the next level with these 10 creative and unconventional tactics.

Start with Icebreakers:

Start your virtual meetings with icebreakers to help team members connect with each other on a personal level. Ask them about their favorite movies or to describe their weekend in three words.

Use Visual Aids:

Visual aids, such as slides, images, and videos, can make your presentation more engaging. Try using virtual whiteboards or digital sketching tools to illustrate ideas in real-time.

Gamify Your Meetings:

Add some fun and games to your virtual meetings. Turn your discussions into quizzes, trivia, or interactive challenges to encourage participation and make learning more enjoyable.

Rotate Meeting Leaders:

To keep your meetings fresh, rotate the role of the meeting leader. This way, different team members can bring in their unique perspectives and ideas, making the meetings less predictable.

Theme-Based Meetings:

Set a theme for your virtual meetings, such as “Hawaiian Luau,” “Superhero Day,” or “Time Travel Tuesday.” Participants can dress up and discuss topics related to the theme, adding an element of fun and anticipation.

Virtual Background Contest:

Have some fun with your team by creating a virtual background contest. During your meeting, participants can switch their virtual backgrounds to reflect the theme, resulting in a playful and entertaining experience.

Guest Speakers and Experts: 

Invite guest speakers and experts to join your virtual meetings. Their insights and experiences can provide a fresh perspective and ignite engaging conversations, making your meetings all the more interesting.

Breakout Rooms for Brainstorming: 

For large meetings, create breakout rooms for small group discussions and brainstorming sessions. This facilitates more interactive conversations and ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute.

Share Personal Achievements: 

Allocate a portion of the meeting for each team member to share their personal accomplishments or fun experiences. Whether it’s a hiking achievement, a culinary experiment, or a new book they’ve read, these personal moments can help team members connect on a deeper level.

Feedback and Ideas Time:

Dedicate time in your meetings for open feedback and idea-sharing. Encourage everyone to share their thoughts on how to improve the meetings. You can even incorporate some of the suggestions, making it a collaborative effort.


Virtual meetings don’t have to be mundane affairs. With a little creativity and a commitment to engagement, you can turn them into enjoyable and interactive experiences. Icebreakers, visual aids, gamification, rotating leaders, and themed meetings are just a few of the ways you can make your virtual meetings more fun.

Guest speakers and breakout rooms foster meaningful discussions, while personal achievements and feedback sessions build connections among team members. The key is to infuse energy, creativity, and a sense of anticipation into your meetings.

Remember, fun and engaging virtual meetings not only enhance team morale but also lead to better communication and collaboration. So, the next time you schedule a virtual meeting, consider how you can add a dash of excitement and fun. Your team will thank you for it!

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