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Filta Fun Huddles


Do you believe in “teamwork makes the dream work?” because we do!

At Filta we believe that a good team enables you to be productive not only as a group but as an individual as well. With the current state of still being in a pandemic, it’s a challenge to connect with your team face to face, hence doing it virtually. So, we make sure that even though we’re separated by computer screens, we stay connected through fun and entertaining 30-minute huddles every once a week.


Filta huddles are different because we don’t focus and stress each other about work, we take this time to catch up and hang out with each other through fun and engaging activities. It is a  way for us to take a break from all the work we’ve been doing for the week.



Every week, there’s a designated individual who will be leading the huddle and be game-masters. Some of our favorite activities are challenging quizzes, the never-ending charades, and the ever famous “Pinoy Henyo”.


This 30-minute huddle helps us not only to strengthen the camaraderie of the team but also to just take a step back and breathe from all the work. It helps us have the mental break that is much needed for the productivity of everyone.


Teams are definitely more dispersed, digital, and diverse today, but while they  face new challenges, their success still depends on a core set of fundamentals that make them a good team, and at Filta, we make sure that we stick to our core of providing the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE not only to our clients but most especially to our staffs.

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