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Reasons Why You Should Be Working in a Cross-Cultural Diverse Team

Reasons Why You Should Be Working in a Cross-Cultural Diverse Team

Ever wondered about global companies’ great work and success despite cultural differences? Have you thought about how productive they are? And do you think it is possible to team up and stick with folks who are thousands of miles apart?

Imagine a lot of people are in one place, and each of them has different culture, knowledge, and experiences. What would you do to unify them? 

Aside from relying on our universal language, there are various tools we can use to connect everyone, including how their workflow will work and the whole system. That would be something someone would say when unifying a team. But what would you do about their cultural differences? What would you do about the difference in their attitude towards work? And how would you utilise those differences to become an asset to your business?

Well, in this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of working across borders to open the door to this diverse global opportunity that fuels creativity, innovation, and fresh thinking in the workplace that can help you see the silver lining in those differences!

Here are the reasons why you should be working in a cross-cultural diverse team!


Cross-culture promotes personal growth and new perspectives.

When working with people from different cultures, you expose yourself to new ways of thinking, working attitude, and strategies that will help you and your future global team to well understand how vast the world is and make it smaller within your team. Improving one’s personal growth can also be experienced when working with different people with different cultures, and help you enhance your ability to adapt and relate to people from diverse backgrounds.

Filta Community has lots of people with cultural differences but are able to make things possible because we embrace these differences and enjoy everything which helps us grow together and share different perspectives.


Working in a cross-cultural environment develops cultural intelligence.

Yes, it is! It will help you function effectively when working in a diverse team. Cultivating cultural intelligence allows you to navigate different customs, negotiate effectively, and build strong relationships across cultures.

When working with diverse and cross-cultured people, you can familiarise yourself with the basics of how to interact in a diverse market with different preferences, behaviours, and even industries, creating potential avenues for collaboration and career advancement. The more cultural intelligence you possess, the wider your access to the global market becomes.

At Filta, we’ve honed our expertise in working with cross-cultural teams boasting unique working preferences and attitudes. There are things that are universally accepted but still vary depending on individual perspectives. For us, what is most important is to respect everyone’s beliefs and stay laser-focused on our shared goals.


It will give you more problem-solving and decision-making insights.

Diverse teams consisting of different people from all different places also bring a range of perspectives and insights to problem-solving and decision-making processes. Do you think that this is something you need to consider? When working in a cross-cultural workplace, new ideas and solutions can pop up, which means you will have more options when your business faces unexpected challenges. Who knows? Your future global Work From Home team might just hold the key to your remarkable success. Let Filta help you find them!


You will have a competitive advantage.

When you work with cross-cultural diverse people, you embrace diversity and gain a competitive edge. With different people in your team, you will have access to the global marketplace. By learning about your team’s behaviours, norms, language, culture, and trends, you will have a basic understanding of how different the people in other countries are.

When learning more about other countries’ cultures, it also broadens your understanding of the global market and knows how to meet their needs.

At Filta, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced the beauty of diversity, transcending borders and colours. We’re passionately dedicated to crafting an inclusive and warm environment, where clients, members, and visitors are not just welcome, but cherished and embraced, ensuring their safety and comfort.


In Conclusion

When planning to and wanting to enter the global market, you need to have a better understanding and appreciation for diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity. Respect everyone and embrace the goodness of diversity. That’s how you can position your business anywhere in the world.

With cross-cultural collaboration, you’ll discover new perspectives, enhance personal growth, develop cultural intelligence, and gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

What we want to share with you is that differences in country, language, and culture can’t stop you from making an uncomplicated world for everyone. Go beyond the borders and conquer the world!


Building your global Work From Home team now with us! Email Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Nerissa Chaux, at and let’s create your ultimate team together!

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