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The First-Ever Filta E-Sports Tournament


Let’s face it, working from home can be tough at times to connect with our colleagues and have fun, especially when it comes to social activities. But our Filta community didn’t let that stop us from having a good time. We got creative and found ways to bond, even while we were all stuck on our couches. We embraced the virtual world and brought the thrill and excitement straight to our mobile screens with the first-ever Filta E-Sports Tournament. Playing Mobile Legends and watching the action live brought us all together and created some epic memories! 

On July 8, 2022, the Filta E-Sports Tournament kicked off, marking the first-ever month-long social club event for our community. The tournament brought together 5 teams for 7 intense battles, all for the chance to win the prize pool of PHP 20,000. Every game was at full throttle, and the players were all hooked. 

The games were streamed live every Friday on Filta’s Facebook page, giving community members the chance to cheer on their favorites from the comfort of their homes. The hype was real, the vibe was electric, and our shared love for gaming was on full display with each game racking up with over 500 views! 

You can watch it here: Filta E-Sports Tournament 2022

The Filta E-Sports Tournament was one for the books, crowning MVPs and champions that made us all proud. But the real MVPs were the colleagues and teammates who came together over a shared love for Mobile Legends and gaming. The Filta community bonded over epic battles, sick plays, and the thrill of victory. 

The tournament was a resounding success, and our team at Filta is already hyped up for the next one. So bring on the competition, because when it comes to social activities like this, we’re always ready to bring our A-game. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this exciting event and helped make it a month to remember! Here’s to staying connected and keeping the good times rolling, no matter what life throws our way! 

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