Our Story.

Prior to starting Filta, Efren and Nerissa Chaux, spent eight years building a national executive recruitment & search business. Over that time, they worked hard to expand the footprint of their brand whilst keeping competitive in a fast-paced market.

Good people are not only hard to find, but expensive to keep. As a small business, they couldn’t afford a local administrative function for growing national offices. So, several years ago, they decided outsourcing their back office to the Philippines was the most cost-effective way to upscale their business while retaining control of our required high-quality output and standard of service.

Our Vision.

To create the Ultimate Global Staffing Experience and become the only clear choice for Excellence-driven Digital and eCommerce Businesses and Professionals.

Our Values.


We are relentless, obsessive, and uncompromising, because near enough is never good enough when creating the ultimate experience for the people that matter


The formula for success at Filta is Resilience + Discipline + Competitiveness + Intelligence + Talent


To be the ultimate, we must push ourselves to be the most extreme example of our kind.

Our Values.


Ultimate experience requires ultimate accountability


Everything we do is under the microscope - what we do is always noticed and always makes a difference. Because of this, we need to have relentless attention to detail and an obsession with the experience.


Treat each client like they are our only client, each employee like they are our first employee, and everyone we meet like they are the most important person in the world

Our Values.


The ultimate experience can only be created if we work together as a team


Mistakes will happen, but the ultimate learning experience is what we take from these mistakes and how we grow from them


The vision of creating the ultimate experience is one that never ends

Leadership Team.

We are your leadership team - whatever you need, whenever you need

Efren Chaux

Founder & CEO

Nerissa Chaux

Co-Founder and President of Growth

Jigs Jugan

Client Experience - Asia Pacific

Melody Maravive

Finance & Procurement

Andrea Villa

Client Experience - Americas

Kes Macapagal

Digital Marketing

Ires Salandanan

Global Talent Acquisition

Kimberly Basilio

Operational Intelligence

Ros Kim Espiel

Employee Experience

Our Partnerships And Network.

We believe in the old adage – your network is your net worth. Because of this, we surround ourselves with industry-specific global partners who have helped us build our vertical in the global market through sponsorship, support, and events.