The best people in the best places, just for you.

Our goal is to help you build a truly global team. If you want to hire local staff in Australia, New Zealand or the United States we can help you.


We know how to find you the best.

With over 70 years combined global recruitment and head-hunting experience, we have the people and the expertise to understand what you are looking for and finding the best people for your business.


Strategic talent to compliment your global teams.

We’ve helped our existing outsourcing clients recruit strategic or client facing talent in their home countries. With the right talent driving your business, you can continue to grow.

We recruit roles
in the following disciplines:

C Level Management

General Management & Leadership

Heads of Creative, Art Directors & Senior Designers

Account Managers

Business Development Managers

Partnership Managers

Relationship Managers

Standardise your hiring
across your global teams.

When building and growing global teams, it’s vital to keep your culture and hiring strategy across all business units and offices. When you engage Filta for your local recruitment as well as outsource staffing, you’ll have the advantage of a standardised approach to recruitment across your business.

Need a local role filled?