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“Filta made the onboarding process a whole lot of fun. It was kind of laid-back and casual so I felt very comfortable opening up or participating in the discussion and other activities. Of course, I loved getting the lunch money as well as the prize money for acing the exam. Overall, it was informative and made me feel ready to get started with the real work.”


Digital Marketing Manager

“I love the fact that Filta ensures the staff are well oriented with the Australian culture, and how clear the HR representative was in discussing the rules and policies.”


Facebook Ads Manager

“My favorite part in working here in Filta is being able to reach out to the management everytime I needed them. It makes me feel valued and confident that whatever work related issues I have, they will back me up and provide assistance so that I could deliver to what's expected from me by my client. Next is, the happy culture, a very refreshing place for me compared to my previous jobs.”


Accounts Officer

“The Filta recruitment process was very organized and the support extended to us was outstanding.”


Appointment Setter

“For me the main difference is that the higher ups/bosses are all approachable. I love how can easily talk to the directors, founders and managers within the company.”


Digital Producer

“I find my onboarding experience with Filta very engaging and rewarding. Thank you for the lunch and quiz prize by the way!”


Full-Stack Shopify Developer

‘’The process was very smooth and the success was highly impacted by the Filta recruitment team who really reached out and followed up on every step.’’


Paid Search Specialist

“Recruitment for me was fast and all the needed heads up and information are discussed to me prior to interviews and first day.”


SEO Specialist

“The onboarding process has been incredibly smooth and fast. Everyone has been very kind, responsive and approachable”


Talent Acquisition Specialist

“I find it helpful for an employee/candidate since they don’t just let you connect with the clients but help you learn more about the work environment”


Technical Officer

“I have a great and hassle free experience with the hiring process of Filta. Every process is explained and they always give feedback that can help you do better in an interview. All of their staff that I've talked to are approachable and accommodating.”


Accounts Officer