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Filta: Work From Home Experience


Here’s a question what do you prefer? Working on-site or working from home? Surely, you will choose the latter.

With the pandemic still ongoing and the number of cases changing on a daily, the fear of going out is still affecting your life including your work experience. Fortunately, at Filta, you can continuously provide for your family in the comfort of your home while maintaining a good connection with your co-workers despite meeting only through computer screens.

Filta conducts a monthly company-paid social club like dance lessons, game nights, mental health talks, workout sessions, and more. 

Employees also enjoy free treats during events, from free food to gift certificates and of course the new learnings and quality time they would get. 

In this time of uncertainty, finding a workplace that will let you work from home but will also care for your well-being is a challenge but not at Filta. 99% of our open roles are on a work-from-home set-up and we also offer health benefits such as HMO for yourself and one dependent within the first month plus COVID insurance.

Filta offers not only jobs with a competitive salary but also an ultimate working experience and we want you to enjoy them too, so go ahead and apply now!  

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