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The best barometer for how we are, what we stand for, and how we deliver our services are our clients. Here's a glimpse of what our clients have said about us:

Matthew Craig

CEO – MindArc Digital Agency
ShopifyPlus and Certified
Magento Partner

“We decided 12 months ago to build an offshore team in the Philippines and the first step for us was to find a partner who could support our vision, values and growth. We were initially referred to Filta by Shopify and through our initial meetings & discovery it was clear we shared the same values around how we treated people. Since we began working with Filta, we have built a team of seven and we couldn’t be happier

Filta have found us fantastic, highly experienced staff who have fit our company culture and have added a high amount of value to our development, production and project management teams. I couldn’t recommend Filta highly enough.”

Tom Joomjaroen

COO - UPowr
Australia's only digital solar design and
installation platform for residential
solar and batteries.

“The level of candidates that Filta provided was amazing and we ended up hiring the employee we wanted who has become an outstanding team member.”

Byron Trzeciak

Founder & CEO - PixelRush

“While we've always been able to find talent in the Philippines for Pixelrush, Filta made us feel that they could find the absolute best candidates in the market and to be honest, they have delivered exactly that. Finding good candidates can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, siphoning through endless resumes and wondering who to choose, whereas with Filta the whole process o f hiring is both simple and enjoyable. They are incredibly professional and efficient at what you do while still making you feel like one of the family. You don't just feel like a number in the system but someone you'll genuinely enjoy speaking with and who wants to see your business succeed as much as theirs.

Hiring from Filta has not only made our processes more efficient but we can actually deliver a far higher quality of output than we have in the past. It gives us the confidence to not only scale our business but to charge more for the quality of work we produce.

I'd highly recommend you speak with the team of Filta if you're interested in scaling your business or simply to stop burning the midnight oil. Trust me, you won't regret it!”

Michael Osborne

CEO - Your Future Advice
Financial Advisors

“From the get go I just loved how Filta wanted to understand me, my business, how I ticked, the culture & the hopes & expectations - it was a totally different approach.”

Scott Pittman

General Manager

“We were looking to expand our team and capabilities through developing an overseas presence and came across Filta as a potential partner to assist with this. Nerissa and the Filta team are fantastic to deal with and go above and beyond to be as helpful as possible and deliver an exceptional level of service.

They took the time to thoroughly understand our business and needs and were effective at finding the right candidates that matched the job description. The outcome being a successful full-time employee joining our team who is highly talented, and a great culture fit.

Filta are highly organised with rock solid processes in place to ensure everything moves as smoothly as possible and they have an excellent follow up system which shows they really value an ongoing working relationship. We'll continue working with Filta and would recommend them to anyone looking for support in their area of expertise.”

Kathlee Andrews

CEO – Devote Digital
ShopifyPlus Partner Australia

“We've now placed four team members thanks to Efren, Nerissa and the Filta team! It was a big leap into the unknown for us, as I'm sure it is for any business. We couldn't be happier with this decision! now hired an offshore Graphic Designer to work with our Australian design team as well as a second web developer.

Our expectations have been exceeded on all fronts, and we're beyond impressed with our growing external team. Efren and Nerissa make the entire process enjoyable, and we feel extremely grateful to have found them both.”

Anna Tillotson

Founder – House of Cart
Shopify & Klaviyo Digital Agency

“We have found our first staff hiring process seamless and Filta has provided absolutely amazing staff for every role.

I'm most impressed by how seamless the process has been working with the team at Filta.

Our business is growing hard and fast. Without Filta we would not be the agency we are today!”

Tim Mulholland

Founding Director - Pride Plus Health
Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists and

“With Filta we've been able to onboard great talent who compliment and work with us in all aspects of our business. Nerissa, Efren and the team at Filta helped us through our early nerves and we soon felt confident that we'd have success.”

Brenden Rawson

CEO – Andzen Customer Journey
Agency ShopifyPlus and Klayvio Platinum
Platinum Partner

“We’ve been working with Filta for more than three years now and they have been an exceptional partner for us when it comes to people resourcing. We originally engaged Filta (via a connection at Shopify) to help us hire two people in the Philippines, and since then Filta have really helped us build our Philippines team to seven as well as source great talent for us in Australia and the United States.

I’m happy to recommend Filta to anyone looking for a partner who will actually treat your business like their own.”

Joel Wyld

CEO - Peasy
Award Winning Australian
Mortgage Broker

“Filta was a clear standout for us. The transparency and service actually exceeded our expectations, although this was emphasized even more as we grew our team and became more involved.”

Ben de Jonge

Founding Director - The Cut

“Over the years, we tried and failed to achieve a functioning model of offshore team members. And then we met Filta through the Shopify community. The people we partner with at Filta are positive, proactive and people-focussed. What that has meant for us as a Shopify specialist agency is building a team of talented and professional people, based in the Philippines and working full time for The Cut in Perth. Filta finds great people, facilitates screening and interviews, handles onboarding and gives ongoing support and guidance on working with offshore staff.

We are always sharing our version of the Filta success story, because it's changed the way we operate in many awesome ways.”

Marcel de Paula

General Manager – Devote Digital
ShopifyPlus Partner

“After being referred to FiltaGlobal in our endless hunt for a Shopify developer, we were so glad to have Efren and Nerissa on our team, hunting for the right person! Their years of recruiting experience was very clear from the outset through their level of understanding shown towards our business goals, management styles and the job profile. After hiring our first offshore developer and having our expectations totally exceeded, we've now hired an offshore Graphic Designer to work with our Australian design team as well as a second web developer.

We never thought having an offshore team could be this simple.”

Travis Dormer

Operations Director -Dynamics G-Ex
International geology supply store and
mining equipment manufacturer

“I was surprised by how thorough the process was through Filta. Filta do more than your average overseas recruitment company, and I particularly found value in how they helped us understand the cultural differences we would face and how to deal with them to get the best out of our team.”

Josh Blackler

Agency Partner - Ripe Solutions
Marketing & Digital Agency for
Global Franchises

“Being in the fast-moving digital industry, sometimes it’s hard to find the right resources to achieve the results we need. Traditionally, we’ve always looked in our own backyard for new employees, but recently it’s become harder to find the right people with the right skills and attitude. So having worked with Filta for eight years, outsourcing development and digital staff with Filta was a no brainer.

We started with one developer almost four years ago and within 8 months we had grown our team to 4. Since we started outsourcing, we’ve been able to find the skills we’ve needed at a price that was friendlier for a business of our size.

Filta has helped guide us through the outsourcing maze, and with their strategic & recruitment expertise and cultural awareness, have helped build value in our business. We couldn’t have done it without them.

It’s great that our outsource team are part of two families – Ripe & Filta.”