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4 Career Workshops to Watch Out For in Colombia

4 Career Workshops to Watch Out For in Colombia

Are you in that phase in your career where you are actively looking for jobs, fine tuning your CVs before you hit the apply button, and fighting those nervousness off to ace your scheduled interview and be able to land a job? Or maybe you’re in that phase where you want to level up and try new things you’ve never done before but are curious to take, hence looking for work opportunities globally and collaborating with international talent? You’re in for a treat! You might want to check out and attend our upcoming career development workshops happening in Colombia.

Don’t just sit there glued to your desk. Sometimes, the internet doesn’t have all the answers, but people do! So go out, attend our workshops, make friends, and pick their brains. It’s great to learn on your own, but bringing in some outside help and gaining new perspectives will help you improve faster and it will also give you more confidence to crush whatever goals you set for yourself. Plus, meeting people face-to-face has a different impact compared if you’re just doing it virtually. So go out there! Who knows what kind of wonderful people you’ll bump into! 

If you are a digital, tech, creative, or an ecommerce customer support professional, then keep on scrolling. This month of May will be a blast because we’ve got lots of workshops with solid and amazing speakers lined up! Check out all the events that we have in store for you!

Filta Speed Interview Bootcamp

Tuesdays, May 9 and 16

10 AM to 12 NN and 4 PM to 7 PM

This event is perfect for digital, tech, creative, and ecommerce customer support professionals who are looking for ways to improve their English skills, learn how to articulate their interview answers more effectively, and simulate a real interview scenario.

Join us for a series of rapid-fire mock interviews that will challenge your communication skills and build up your confidence! Practice all your interview skills with international English-speaking managers and industry leaders from Australia and get valuable feedback to fine tune your approach. And just so you know, these interviews will be conducted in English!

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with our recruiters, showcase your expertise, and submit your CV. Who knows – you might even secure an interview with us!

You can book up to two 15-minute sessions here:


¡Destaca En Tu Entrevista!

Wednesday, May 10

5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

In addition to the interview training sessions that will happen on the 9th and 16th, we’ve also prepared an educational workshop for you to get a more comprehensive understanding of how job interviews work. In this event, Filta’s Australian Co-Founders, Efren and Nerissa Chaux, will share with you the secrets on how to ace your interviews and walk you through the different interview stages. We also have Carolina Anduquia and Fabian Matallana to share  their insights on what employers look for in their ideal candidates.

This is your chance to learn how to refine your CVs, showcase yourself more, and construct concise and effective answers for common interview questions. Plus, you’ll also get tips on how you can leverage your strengths and develop confidence in yourself and your interview skills! Let’s help you leave a positive impression on your interviewer. 

Register and secure your spot here:


Official Shopify Meetup Colombia

Thursday, May 11

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Here’s the event that you wouldn’t want to trade for anything! We’re finally bringing the first-ever Official Shopify Meetup in Colombia! In case you haven’t heard what a Shopify Meetup is, it’s a gathering of developers, digital marketers, or creatives who are into tech and ecommerce. This is where we invite experts to talk about all things Shopify and share their latest knowledge about trends in the ecommerce and development industry. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills, network with others who share the same interests, and receive support and advice on anything related to Shopify, such as building your own store or gaining a deeper understanding of its features and functions. 

Come join us and allow our three amazing speakers to share their expertise, take this chance to get involved in the discussions, and ask your burning questions during the panel discussions! 

Save your seat here:


Conversa Con Filta: Cómo Hacer Crecer Tu Carrera De Marketing Digital Con Empresas Internacionales

Thursday, May 18

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Since we’re on the topic of improving your skills, why not take it to the next level? Are you brave enough to take the global stage and grow your digital marketing and development careers with international companies? Then this event is made exactly for you! Join us for a round of insightful talks and knowledge sharing on learning how to succeed and stand out from the crowd – featuring our very own Filta founders and amazing speakers who are experts in their own fields.

In this workshop, you’ll hear valuable insights, tips, and strategies from successful CEOs, digital marketing professionals, and hiring teams of leading international agencies. This is also an opportunity to learn what’s hot and trending in the marketing industry and discover trends and tools that you should know about. And that’s just not it. You can also find out what international employers are looking for when they hire developers and digital marketers and dive into what you can do to make yourself more attractive to these companies.

And here’s the best part of the event – You can let loose, hang out, and build connections with others while learning together! Pizzas and sodas are on us!

Register here:

And that’s a round up of all the events happening this May in Colombia! We hope you could hang out with us and explore the world of career development together! See you all soon!

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