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6 Things to Consider When Outsourcing

6 Things to Consider When Outsourcing

Partnering with an outsourcing company who’s got all the resources, know-how, and capacity to help you expand your capabilities and improve your performance can be a great way for your business to focus on what you do best. 

Imagine having more time, energy, and financial resources to focus on the things that bring in the big bucks! Outsourcing can open a world of growth opportunities for your business. But how would you know if you’re ready to partner with an outsourcing company? 

Deciding about outsourcing can be tough, but don’t sweat it. Before you jump in, it’s important to make sure you’re ready. Here are some questions to ask yourself to make the right decision. Let’s get into it! 

Cost Savings: Will it save me a lot of money? 

When thinking about outsourcing, it’s important to consider if it’ll save you some dough. Like, for example, if you’re thinking about outsourcing your digital marketing, ask yourself: is it costing you more to handle it in-house or would it be cheaper to bring in a pro? 

Outsourcing companies have a bunch of different options when it comes to plans and pricing. Take your time to check them out and compare. But don’t just go for the cheapest one. Look at what you’re getting for your money and compare the value and quality of each option. 

The goal is all about finding the right balance between cost-efficiency and productivity. 

Expertise and Innovation: How skilled are they at what they do? 

Are they the real deal or all talk? Make sure to check their credentials before partnering up. Your outsourcing partner must be agile and should be able to adapt to your business needs while working hand-in-hand with you. Make sure they’ve got the right team in place, with the right skills and certifications to meet your needs. 

Timeliness is everything and so is getting the job done right.  Your outsourcing partner should be keeping an eye on their team’s productivity and quality control. See how they handle hiccups like missed deadlines. It’s important to know how they roll when things don’t go as planned, it will give you an idea of how they work under pressure. 

You need to consider these factors to ensure that the level of excellence and performance are aligned with what you expect. 

Technology and Resources: What are the tech resources that they have and how can these help boost my business’s efficiency? 

Asking about the technology and resources an outsourcing company has on hand is key to knowing if they can handle your business functions seamlessly. And don’t forget about their digital savviness, it’s crucial for making sure that you receive the level of proficiency and service quality you require. 

Communication: Are they a breeze to work with? 

Communication and teamwork are the key ingredients to making any project a success. It’s important to have an outsourcing partner who is responsive and easy to reach, especially if you’re working across different time zones. Having a dedicated point of contact who’s ready to respond to your questions and concerns can make a big difference in building trust and transparency between you and your outsourcing partner. 

Legal Considerations: Are they trustworthy enough to take over some of my business operations? 

It’s important to ask yourself if they’re reliable enough to handle some of the important stuff in your business. Do your research and make sure you know the legal ins and outs. It’s especially important to look into regulations surrounding keeping your information private and secure. 

Culture: Are they the right fit for my company? 

A great way to see if your values are aligned is to check your outsourcing partner’s overall workplace culture. It’s a good sign if they care about their employee’s well-being and have a positive work environment. 

That’s what we do best in Filta. What sets us apart from other outsourcing companies is – we strive to create a community of experts that is led by strong leaders and a culture that fosters growth and development to make our community feel their best. We are dedicated to giving our clients the ultimate experience by engaging, empowering, and guiding them every step of the way. 

If you’re still on the fence about outsourcing, don’t hesitate to contact Nerissa Chaux, Chief Growth Officer at

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