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A World Conquered by Women: Web and Video Game Development in Colombia


Women in tech have been making waves and breaking barriers, but the journey has not been easy. Despite the many obstacles that women face in the tech industry, there has been a growing number of female trailblazers who are determined to succeed and make a difference.

The “A World Conquered by Women” seminar by Filta LATAM was a celebration of these women and a testament to their resilience, determination, and talent. 


Held on January 26th in Colombia, Filta LATAM spearheaded this seminar aimed to empower and inspire not just women but all the other web & game development enthusiasts who are passionate about the tech industry by providing valuable insights and experiences from successful women in the field. The seminar brought together two dynamic speakers, Camila Niño, Video Games UI/UX Artist at Timba Games and member of Tan Grande Y Jugando, and Sandra Castro, Founder of Tan Grande Y Jugando, who were eager to share their stories and provide valuable insights about the tech industry and how they rose to the top in a world dominated by men. 



As ambassadors and advocates of women in tech, Camila and Sandra started off the seminar by talking about the importance of diversity in the world of technology. They shared their experiences and insights about what it’s like to work in the male-dominated video game industry, and how they were able to overcome the challenges and create successful careers for themselves. They also shared how Tan Grande Y Jugando, a community dedicated to growing the video game industry in Colombia and Latin America focuses on creating a community for women to empower them and help them grow in the gaming industry and took the chance to invite those who might be interested in joining them.  



The seminar was not just about learning, but it was also a platform for attendees to network and connect with other like-minded individuals who were passionate about making a difference in the tech industry. With its engaging speakers and opportunities for networking, the “A World Conquered by Women” seminar provided a unique opportunity for women to gain knowledge, inspiration, and connections in the tech industry. The attendees surely finished the seminar with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and connections that they could use to pursue their passions in the tech industry. 



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