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Breaking Stereotypes: A Conversation with Wavix and Filta

Breaking Stereotypes: A Conversation with Wavix and Filta

Despite belonging to different industries, Wavix, a cloud communications platform, and Filta, an outsourcing company, discovered surprising similarities in their experiences during a recent conversation. Both companies took the opportunity to shed light on their operations and address common misconceptions surrounding their respective fields.

Wavix: Revolutionizing Voice and SMS Solutions

Wavix focuses on two key communication channels: voice and SMS. They offer various services, including bulk SMS, one-time passwords, two-factor authentication, and transactional SMS for businesses. They also provide global voice coverage, allowing users to make local or international calls using local numbers. Additionally, Wavix offers value-added services that enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

Filta: Building Global Teams

Filta assists businesses in building global teams through a range of services, including recruitment, employer of record, and employee engagement. They specialize in finding both technical and non-technical talent, primarily in Colombia and the Philippines, but also operate on a global scale with capabilities in the UK and beyond.

Breaking Down Challenges and Stereotypes: A Shared Mission

Both companies acknowledged the presence of stereotypes surrounding their industries. Filta addressed the misconception that outsourcing companies are solely focused on sales; they emphasized their commitment to building genuine partnerships and educating businesses about the advantages of outsourcing and nearshoring.

Wavix, on the other hand, highlighted the struggle that they face with spam calls and robot calls. They are taking this hurdle as an opportunity to enhance their systems and improve what’s out there. 

Ensuring Security and Privacy

Both companies prioritized data security and privacy. Wavix stores minimal customer data, adheres to strict compliance standards like PCI and GDPR, and is pursuing ISO certification to further solidify its commitment to international security protocols. They also utilize robust access management systems and implement multi-factor authentication.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Filta believes their dedication to building and promoting a sense of community among staff members sets them apart. They offer various engagement initiatives, including wellness support, educational sessions, and professional development, which creates a sense of belonging and connection for their local and international staff.

Embracing Technological Advancements

Both Wavix and Filta emphasized their commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve. Wavix invests heavily in AI technology and machine learning to stay at the forefront of innovation. They offer API integration to seamlessly connect with new technologies and are actively exploring ways to incorporate “bring your own bot” functionalities into their platform.

Careful Recruitment and Assessment Process

Filta ensures the quality of its staff through a multi-step process. They begin by collaborating with clients to understand their specific needs and expectations for a role. This is followed by meticulous resume screening, recruiter interviews, candidate interviews with the client, and skill assessments tailored to the specific role. Finally, they conduct reference and background checks before making an offer.

Overcoming Challenges: Resilience and Adaptability

Both Filta and Wavix navigate their own unique challenges. Wavix faces the ongoing issue of spam calls and robot calls but views this as an opportunity to improve compliance and develop better control mechanisms within its network. Filta acknowledges the inherent challenge of geographical distance between their staff and clients. They approached this by building a strong sense of community through their engagement initiatives.

Building Connections and Challenging Misconceptions

The insightful conversation with both Wavix and Filta offers valuable information about the realities of cloud communication and outsourcing companies. By breaking down stereotypes and sharing their experiences, these companies pave the way for greater understanding between these two sectors creating a stronger bond and collaboration.  
We’ve packed more information about this conversation. Don’t miss out, click here to watch the full video:

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