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Creative Ways to Boost Work-From-Home Employee Wellness

Creative Ways to Boost Work-From-Home Employee Wellness

Modern work environments can sometimes be draining and overwhelming. We get caught up in countless tasks, leaving us exhausted and with hardly any energy left for activities outside of work.


But taking care of oneself shouldn’t be solely your employees’ responsibility. As their leader and manager, you also have a big role in prioritising their well-being. It’s not just about having a healthy and engaged workforce; it sets the stage for long-term success.


When you prioritise your employees, amazing things happen. Imagine a team that is energised and ready to take on any challenge. Absenteeism becomes a thing of the past as employees fully engage and invest themselves in their work.


Prioritising employee welfare creates a culture that genuinely cares about overall health. It sends the message, “We’re in this together, and we want you to thrive.” This kind of culture attracts and retains top talent, setting your company apart from the competition.


They are not just employees; they are your partners in success! Let us explore these strategies to create a workplace where positivity and productivity are integrated into everyday life. Let us help you maximise the power of your employees and watch your company achieve its goals and win. 


Prepare Virtual Wellness challenges.

Get ready to organise some awesome virtual wellness challenges for your employees! These challenges will get them moving such as practising yoga, meditating, or maybe eating healthily. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your team to improve their productivity and overall mental health. By setting up these kinds of virtual challenges, you’ll not only foster a sense of togetherness among your remote teams but also boost morale and encourage healthy habits. And to keep the excitement going, why not introduce leaderboards and reward systems to motivate and engage participants?


At Filta, we also support employee empowerment, and we want to make sure they’re doing well. With the help of our Wellness Team, we keep our employees engaged by providing a whole week of activities. Some of the activities we provide also give them rewards like free coffee or free lunches that our employees really enjoy!


Give them time to stretch! Provide Virtual Fitness sessions.

Working from home can sometimes give employees physical stress and can make their bodies stiff which will eventually become body pains. This is painful and can lessen their productivity. 


Arranging virtual fitness classes or workout sessions is also a great idea to help your employees relieve stress and take care of their bodies. By adding virtual fitness into their Work From Home routine, your team can maintain their physical comfort and positivity, boost productivity, reduce tension, and boost their mind for more ideas. Help them stretch their backs, arms and legs for some time!


At Filta, we offer stretching exercises to give our employees a chance to unwind and release the physical stress that comes with working from home. It’s our way of helping them take a breather and find relief from the demands of remote work life.


Do some Virtual Team Building activities.

Boost your team’s competitiveness by organising epic virtual team-building activities. In the world of remote work, it’s crucial to create opportunities for team bonding and relationship building. Team building activities that break down barriers, amplify communication, and strengthen trust among team members. When you dive into virtual team building, your employees will feel more connected, motivated, and supported, leading to a boost in productivity, improved teamwork, and a positive work culture. These activities also create the perfect platform for team members to get to know each other on a personal level, celebrate achievements, and supercharge overall job satisfaction.


At Filta, we take our catch-up meetings to the next level with thrilling virtual team-building activities. We’ve got a facilitator who comes up with games that get the team playing and competing with each other. It’s all about having fun while improving teamwork and unleashing our competitive spirits. Do this with your remote team and watch your team bond become stronger than before!


Provide mental health support for your employees.


Offer resources and support for mental health, such as providing access to counselling services or online mental health platforms. Promote a culture that encourages open conversations about mental well-being and reduces the stigma associated with seeking help.


Here at Filta, we take employee wellness into consideration with the help of our incredible Wellness Team. They’re not just there for the day-to-day wellness activities, they’re also for mental health support too. Whenever an employee wants someone to talk to, rest assured, your session will be top-secret and confidential. They’ll help you take a breather, and guide you through any challenges holding you back from being your most productive self at work. 


When working with a Work From Home team, it is great to prioritise your employees in good condition and boost their mental power to deliver what they expected to do at work.


Improve your team’s connection with Virtual Social Gatherings.

Organise virtual social events that allow your Work From Home team to connect and unwind. These could include virtual coffee breaks or themed virtual parties. It helps create a sense of community and camaraderie within your global remote team. These gatherings are all about bringing your team together, sharing experiences, and diving into light-hearted conversations. It’s like a virtual hangout where you can let loose and build those awesome relationships. By hosting these virtual social events, we’re not just boosting team morale, we’re creating a positive team culture that will leave everyone smiling from ear to ear.


We have our Filta way of doing virtual social gatherings. Our Wellness Team created the FilTambayan where you can hop in the Zoom meeting to meet new friends, enjoy the music, or find a lunch buddy.


In Conclusion.

Your Work From Home employee’s wellness is your key ingredient to having a winning remote team that produces results.  It’s all about finding that work-life balance, banishing stress, and helping your employee to stay focused and energised throughout the day.


Neglecting their well-being can lead to stress overload, burnout, and a serious lack of job satisfaction. Without addressing this, your employees may struggle to find harmony between work and personal life, taking a toll on their mental and physical health. Do some virtual wellness activities and increase your Work From Home team’s motivation and major productivity bar!


You don’t know where to start? Worry not because Filta is here for you! With FiltaAdvise, Filta provides ideas and gives you support on how you can manage your Work From Home team. Not only to work well but to manage them to become more productive. Then, with FiltaEngage, we also give your employees support to make sure their well-being is being fed with positivity for them to stay motivated working with you.


Want to talk about how Filta can help you provide wellness support for your Work From Home team? Let’s chat! Email Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Nerissa Chaux, at and let’s start your ultimate experience with us!

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