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Here’s How You Can Streamline Your Content Creation with Outsourcing

Here’s How You Can Streamline Your Content Creation with Outsourcing

We all know that great content is what gets noticed. For businesses this is important for creating content is what helps them generate more leads resulting in higher sales and revenue. But making it all the time can be tough, especially if you’re already busy. You need things like blog posts and social media updates to keep people interested, but finding the time can be a struggle! 

Here’s the good news: you can hire experts to help! Through outsourcing, you can free up your time, get even better content, and reach your marketing goals faster. Here’s how.

Why outsource content creation?

Good things come with outsourcing, so it’s a smart choice for businesses big or small.

Outsourcing content creation can give you more time and breathing room. It lets your existing team focus on what they do best, while you let the specialists create your content. This way, you get access to a wider range of expertise that can accommodate your brand and audience. Plus, you can easily adjust how much content you produce to fit your needs, without burning out your own team.

What can you outsource?

Almost any aspect of your content creation process can be outsourced, depending on your needs and budget. Here are some common examples:

  • Blog writing: Hire writers to create blog posts on various topics relevant to your target audience.
  • Social media content creation: Outsource the development of engaging social media posts, including captions, images, and videos.
  • Website content development: Delegate the writing and editing of website copy, product descriptions, and other website content.
  • E-book and white paper writing: Get help creating in-depth content pieces like e-books and white papers to establish your brand as a thought leader.
  • Content editing and proofreading: Ensure your content is polished and error-free by outsourcing editing and proofreading tasks.
  • Content strategy development: Partner with a team of expert marketers to help you develop a comprehensive content strategy aligned with your overall marketing goals.

How can you successfully outsource content creation?

To ensure a smooth and successful outsourcing experience, follow these steps:

  1. Before you start outsourcing, clearly define your content goals and target audience.
    This will help you identify the type of content you need and the skills you need from your outsourced team.
  2. Create clear guidelines for your content creators, including your brand voice, target audience, preferred content style, and SEO best practices.
  3. There are several platforms available to find professional marketers and writers. Look for an outsourcing provider with experience in your industry and a strong portfolio that aligns with your brand voice and content goals.
  4. Provide detailed briefs for each content piece you outsource, including the topic, target keywords, word count, desired tone, and any specific requirements.
  5. Set up clear communication channels with your outsourced team and ensure regular communication throughout the whole content creation process.
  6. Offer constructive and actionable feedback to your outsourced team and establish a quality control process to ensure your content meets your standards.

Finding the perfect partner is key to getting the most out of outsourcing your content creation. Here’s how to make a great choice: First, check out online reviews and feedback from past clients to get a feel for the quality of work and service you can expect.  

Next, request writing samples from potential partners. This will help you see their writing style, their knowledge on your topic, and most importantly, if they can write content that fits your specific needs. It’s also a good idea to schedule interviews with a few interested partners. This is your chance to talk in detail about your project, and see if they understand your brand, who you’re trying to reach with your content, and what you’re hoping to achieve. 

Finally, be sure to get quotes from several different partners. This way, you can compare rates and make sure they fit your budget. But remember, while finding a good price is important, don’t skimp on quality!

And if the quality is what we’re talking about, consider outsourcing with Filta!

We can help you connect to skilled professionals who can help you with your content creation needs. Filta is offering a comprehensive package of services that can help businesses like yours hit their goals and achieve success!

You can visit or reach out to us via Nerissa Chaux, Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at to discuss your needs and everything you need help with your business. 

Try following these tips and taking the extra effort to find the perfect outsourcing partner, so you can streamline your content creation process from start to finish. This will free up your valuable time and resources for other important tasks. Ultimately, with a smooth-running content creation system, you’ll be well on your way to achieving greater success with your content marketing strategy!

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