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Hiring Remote Staff: What to Expect from Your Global Teams


Thinking about availing an outsourcing service to attract more opportunities but could use some convincing before taking that leap? Outsourcing has become an excellent strategy for businesses of all sizes. It helps them address the gaps in their teams, enhance their team’s skills set, and boost efficiency. 

In the early days, one of the reasons why entrepreneurs and business owners opt to outsource a remote team was to fill gaps and integrate functions they couldn’t provide on their own. However, today, building your own remote team is more than just a solution for addressing areas where you lack expertise. It’s also a way for business owners to streamline processes and help their teams have a better work distribution and resources allocation. Having a remote team that has a balanced workload and team members who can complete projects on time can save up efforts and invest these efforts more on bigger tasks.

Thanks to technology and the remote setup, outsourcing has become a thing. More and more people are getting interested in hiring talent around the world, while job seekers are embracing the opportunity to work with international companies.

The question is, what can you expect from your outsourced staff or remote team? We’ll give you more reasons as to why outsourcing is a good choice for your business. 

You can trust them to be experts in their field.

Hiring remote talent or outsourcing staff is no longer a novel concept, as many businesses have adopted this strategy and have generally been receiving positive feedback. There are a lot of professionals in developing countries that are totally killing it in the digital, creatives, and tech industries. The Philippines and Colombia, in particular, are home to highly educated professionals known for their expertise and proficiency. You can trust that these experts will be more than capable of providing you with excellent work.

Expect that they are excellent English speakers and can communicate effectively.

No need to be concerned about language barriers when hiring remote talent, as outsourcing partners ensure that the people they hire for your team have strong English communication skills. They are someone who can understand your language and makes sure that working with you and with everyone in the team is fun and comfortable. Their ability to comprehend and speak your language is truly impressive.

They have the “Can do” attitude.

Someone who is hard working, self-motivated, and with a reliable work ethic that can generally work with minimal supervision are just some of the traits we look for in our ideal candidates. The good news is, when you outsource, you can find talented people who fit the bill perfectly. 

If you’re worried that your remote staff will not be able to keep up with your local team, then it’s not a problem. With proper guidance and training, your remote staff can perform just as well, give the same effort and dedication as your local team, and deliver the same level of excellence your business is known for. 

What’s great about these remote staff is that they come from all different places with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This means that chances of producing innovative work are high and they are more likely to bring fresh ideas and come up with creative solutions. Remote employees or outsourced teams are being recognized for their exceptional work and this is why they are attracting more and more global attention.

Building your ultimate remote team with Filta

We are not like any outsourcing company, because we’re more than that – we are a community. Here at Filta, we take pride in meeting your expectations by carefully assessing your needs and getting your feedback along the way. At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the candidates that we bring into your team are the perfect fit. We will not stop looking until you’re 100% confident and satisfied. We will also make sure that they are equipped and have a working environment that boosts their focus and productivity. We make sure that the people that we will bring to your team are geared up for success.

Ready to build your remote team with us? Email Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Nerissa Chaux, at and let’s talk about it!

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