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How Outsourcing Can Find You the Right Developers

How Outsourcing Can Find You the Right Developers

Web applications and sites have become the basics of modern business. Whether you’re crafting a game-changing e-commerce platform or a revolutionary fitness tracker app, finding the right developers is crucial for success. Yet, the tech talent industry is fiercely competitive, making it overwhelming to recruit top-tier developers in-house. Here’s where outsourcing can be a powerful solution.

Why outsource your development needs?

Building a website or an app in-house can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor. This is where outsourcing comes in and can significantly benefit your project.

Outsourcing companies often can tap expert developers specializing in popular platforms like iOS and Android. You gain immediate access to a wealth of expertise, as these developers possess in-depth knowledge of specific frameworks, development tools, and best practices. This ensures your project is built with the latest technologies and adheres to industry standards.

Also, outsourcing frees up your internal resources to focus on their core competencies. With development off your plate, your team can dedicate their time and expertise to crucial areas like marketing, branding, and product strategy. This ensures your team’s strengths are channeled towards areas critical for your app or site’s long-term success, such as crafting a compelling brand identity and reaching your target audience.

Another great advantage of outsourcing is the significant cost savings compared to hiring in-house developers. You not only avoid the overhead costs associated with salaries and benefits, but also infrastructure expenses like office space and equipment. This allows you to allocate your budget more strategically towards other aspects of your business project’s launch and growth.

Finally, experienced outsourcing partners have established workflows and proven methodologies for web or app development. This means faster development cycles and quicker time to market your project. Additionally, many outsourcing companies work with agile development methodologies. This allows for continuous feedback throughout the development process, ensuring your app or site remains aligned with user needs and market trends, ultimately increasing its chances of success.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner:

Finding the right outsourcing partner is crucial for a successful web app/site development journey. Consider these factors specifically focused on your development needs:

  • Proven track record in development:
    Look for a partner with a history of developing successful web apps/sites for various industries. Research their portfolio to understand their expertise in your specific mobile app category (e.g., e-commerce, gaming, social media, etc.).
  • Familiarity with popular frameworks:
    Ensure the partner’s developers are proficient in the frameworks relevant to your project. For example, if building an iOS app, expertise in Swift and Xcode are essential.
  • Understanding of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design:
    Web apps/sites success hinges on intuitive UI and engaging UX. Choose an outsourcing partner with a strong design team or developers with a keen understanding of UI/UX principles.
  • App testing and quality assurance (QA) expertise:
    Testing is crucial for delivering a polished and bug-free app/site. Evaluate the partner’s access to experts who can execute QA procedures and their ability to test across various devices and platforms.
  • Security measures for development:
    Web apps/sites often handle sensitive user data. Ensure the outsourcing partner prioritizes data security and employs robust security measures throughout the development process.

Identifying the perfect developers:

Once you’ve chosen an outsourcing partner, it’s time to find the developers who are the ideal fit for your project:

  1. Develop a detailed project brief outlining your app’s functionalities, target audience, desired features, and design aesthetic.
  2. Utilize technical assessments provided by the outsourcing partner or conduct your own assessments. Evaluate the developers’ competency in specific development frameworks and relevant programming languages.
  3. Focus on the developers’ development experience. Review their portfolios for past projects that showcase their expertise in similar app/site functionalities and design styles.
  4. Prioritize developers with a proven track record of building successful websites or apps. Look for experience in the specific category you’re targeting (e.g., lifestyle, healthcare, fintech, etc.).
  5. Development is a repetitive process. Look for developers who demonstrate strong problem-solving skills and can adapt to changing project requirements.

Building a successful outsourced development team:

Beyond finding the right developers, building a strong team dynamic is essential.

  • Close collaboration with project managers:
    Assign a dedicated project manager to oversee communication between your team and the outsourced developers. This ensures clear expectations and timely project updates.
  • Agile development methodology:
    Implement an agile development methodology that facilitates continuous feedback loops. This allows for rapid replication and ensures your app/site remains aligned with user needs and market trends.
  • Regular communication and progress tracking:
    Schedule regular video conferences or calls to discuss project progress, address any potential issues, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Use project management tools with real-time progress tracking and communication features.
  • Building trust and transparency:
    Create a culture of trust and transparency throughout the development process. This allows for open communication and early identification of any potential problems.
  • Ownership and accountability:
    Empower your outsourced developers to take ownership of their tasks and hold them accountable for meeting deadlines and quality standards.

Finding the perfect developers can be a daunting task, but it is possible when you use the power of outsourcing specifically for web apps/sites development. Access a global pool of specialized talent and secure the expertise your project demands. 

Carefully choose your outsourcing partner, identify developers with the right development skills and creative problem-solving abilities, and create a collaborative and transparent work environment, so you can build a successful outsourced mobile app development team.

One thing to remember: Outsourcing is a strategic partnership. Through a shared vision and a commitment to quality, you can turn your web vision into a reality that thrives in a competitive marketplace.

Bonus Tip! Many outsourcing companies offer dedicated account manager/s who act as associates between your team and the developers— like Filta! We prioritize finding and connecting you with the right people perfect for your specific needs, ensure smooth communication, and streamline the project management process.

So, are you ready to build the perfect development team and take your web idea to the next level? Filta can help you out! Head to to learn our services or contact Nerissa Chaux, Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at to discuss how we can help you build your global development team.

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