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How to Keep Employees Happy and Your Community Happier

How to Keep Employees Happy and Your Community Happier

You’ve probably heard the saying “Happy wife, happy life.” Well, the same goes for the workplace! If your team members are content and fulfilled, it’s more likely that your business and your stakeholders, such as your clients and partners, will also be satisfied.  

We are all aware that happy employees are the most productive. You don’t need to tell them what to do. When they are happy, they are more likely to be creative, take initiative, and go above and beyond what is expected of them. 

When the workplace is happy and welcoming, it’s easier to build work friendships too. When they feel like their teammates and managers genuinely care about them, they become more resilient when facing difficulties and challenges. They know that their team got their back, they are not alone, and they can easily bounce back whatever challenges come their way. 

Overall, a happy community is good for your business. A positive work environment can promote productivity, growth, and employee retention, while excellent customer satisfaction because of how your team performed can promote client loyalty, retention, and brand recommendation. It’s a win-win for both! 

But what exactly makes your employees happy? What drives them to show up and produce quality work? Let’s talk about it! 

Having a work-life balance 

Nowadays, it’s all about finding a healthy balance between work and play. More people are increasingly looking for careers and work setups that allow them to enjoy a fulfilling personal life as well as a successful professional one. 

But work-life balance means different things to different people. As a manager, you need to understand your employees’ needs, align your goals, and always make sure that they are in the best position to succeed. You should also know how to value and respect their time. If you frequently interrupt their personal time or require them to work overtime, it could ultimately lead to burnout. 

Happy employees know how to manage their time well and spend it more efficiently. If we trust them to do their jobs well and take the time to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective when it comes to their personal interests, it can build better relationships, help to reduce stress, and make everyone feel happier at work. 

Prioritising their health and wellness 

Before, a cool and happy work environment meant having stuff like a modern office setup, hosting socials after work, and getting reward vouchers and gift certificates to treat employees and boost their morale. But things have shifted, and now employees talk more about taking care of their well-being. 

Well-being should always be our priority because if we’re not feeling our best, we will have a hard time continuing to function. More companies are now highlighting how they implement wellness activities in their organisations and how these initiatives help their employees perform better. Wellness activities don’t have to be grand. As simple as encouraging them to take short breaks can improve their focus, mood, and productivity.  

So, make the time to check in with your employees and seek out more wellness activities for them before they feel too overwhelmed or burned out. 

Letting them own their work 

Your employees need to feel that they are being trusted with what they do. If they’re feeling insecure or unsure of themselves, it may slow their productivity. Provide them with the right coaching and guidance and don’t forget to include them in decision making. Build up that trust and confidence and make them feel that they have ownership over their work. In that way, they know that they’re making progress which could give them more fulfillment. 


Keep your employees happy and content, and watch the good vibes spread to your community like wildfire. When your organisation is known for being a great place to work and your employees are a talented bunch, opportunities will be lining up at your door! 

If you want to know more about managing teams, especially when they’re remote, we can help you with that! Just send a message to Nerissa Chaux, Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at  

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