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#InspireInclusion with Filta

#InspireInclusion with Filta

Diversity builds better teams! Companies that embrace #InspireInclusion access a wider talent pool, building a more dynamic work environment that encourages innovative thinking, productivity, and employee well-being. As we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women this International Women’s Month, let us also reflect on the ongoing need for gender equality in all aspects of life, including the workplace. Here at Filta, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment where women can thrive, not just on International Women’s Day/Month, but every day.

Challenging the Status Quo

Finding the right talent shouldn’t be biased! The old way of hiring often favored certain candidates, missing out on great people from different backgrounds. At Filta, we take a different approach to tackle these biases by: 

  • Focusing on skills and potential, not demographics:
    We prioritize a candidate’s qualifications, work ethic, and cultural fit over any other factor. Our meticulous interview and assessment processes allow us to objectively evaluate potential and ensure that the best person for the job is selected, regardless of their background.
  • Utilizing inclusive language in our job postings:
    We strive to use clear and concise language that avoids any discriminatory undertones. We actively avoid phrases that could be perceived as gender-biased or culturally insensitive.

Here are also other ways that Filta challenges the status quo in the workplace regarding gender equality:

  • Hold employees accountable for discriminatory behavior: Create a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination.
  • Create a culture of respect and inclusion: Promote open communication and celebrate diversity.
  • Eliminate gender pay gaps.

Promoting a Culture of Belonging: More Than Just Words

Building a diverse workforce is just the first step. Creating a truly inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected is essential for long-term success. At Filta, we build a culture of belonging through several key initiatives:

  • Mentorship Programs: We connect our employees with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support.
  • Leadership Development: We offer training programs specifically designed to help our members develop the skills and confidence needed to advance their careers.
  • Work-Life Balance: We offer convenient working setup, wellness activities, and resources to help our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Global Opportunities: Our global reach allows women and all of our members to access a wider range of career paths and opportunities they may not have found in their local market.

The Benefits of an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce:

There’s more to having a diverse and inclusive team than just checking a box. Studies show companies with inclusive cultures see some pretty awesome benefits, like:

  • Increased innovation and creativity:
    Diverse teams bring a wider range of perspectives and experiences to the table, leading to more creative solutions and problem-solving approaches.
  • Enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction:
    When employees feel valued and respected for their unique contributions, they are more likely to be engaged and satisfied with their work. This translates to increased productivity and loyalty.
  • Improved brand reputation:
    Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion are seen as more progressive and responsible, attracting top talent and fostering stronger relationships with clients and partners.

Beyond International Women’s Day— A Continuous Journey

While Women’s Month brings increased awareness to gender equality issues, Filta’s commitment to inclusion is year-round. We recognize that building a truly diverse and inclusive workplace is a continuous journey. We believe that diverse teams lead to better decision-making, stronger innovation, and ultimately, a more successful company. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our practices and learn from others. We believe that #InspireInclusion is not just a hashtag but a call to action, and we are committed to playing our part in creating a better uncomplicated, more inclusive future for all.

Here are some ways you can join us in celebrating inclusion beyond International Women’s Month:

  • Advocate for gender equality in your workplace and community.
  • Support women-owned businesses and organizations that support the same inclusive cause.
  • Challenge unconscious bias in your own practices.
  • Being an advocate for creating a more inclusive workplace in your own circle of influence.

Together, we can build a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background or identity. Let us join in building a world where every woman— everyone feels valued, respected, empowered, and included. 

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