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Promoting LGBTQIA+ Awareness in Remote Workplace

Promoting LGBTQIA+ Awareness in Remote Workplace

Building a global remote team is not just about expanding your talent base, but also accepting different cultural backgrounds and the unique personalities that come with it. Having an effective global remote team means embracing every individual for who they really are and welcoming them regardless of their sexuality or gender expression.

If your organisation is hiring talent from different locations and backgrounds, then it’s important to foster a work culture that promotes inclusivity and diversity. Create a workplace that appreciates each other’s differences and where people can feel comfortable bringing their best selves to work. 

As part of our values of welcoming every individual in our community, our Filta team had a training about LGBTQIA+ awareness in the workplace and discussed why it is essential to our business. By educating everyone and setting clear expectations, we can better recognise and eliminate discrimination in our community.

Topics that were discussed and included were: defining LGBTQ+ terminologies, understanding individual’s pronouns, sharing best examples of inclusive behaviors, and encouraging each other to create a safe space for everyone.

Having inclusion and awareness training sessions can empower us employees to be more accepting and honest, and this could result in creating equality and belonging. When employees are treated equally and with respect, they can perform to the best of their ability. And if everyone feels supported and accepted, it can remove insecurities and make everyone feel safe and happier to go to work. 

How can you start creating this positive impact in your teams?

Welcome everyone with respect.

When bringing new members onto the team, it’s important to demonstrate respect towards everyone, especially those who identify as LGBTQIA+. Take the initiative to have a conversation with them and ask how you can provide support. Emphasise that they are in a safe environment and don’t forget to share information about your organisation’s policies related to LGBTQIA+ rights.

Having policies written on paper is important, but what really matters is your actions. It is essential for every employee to have a growth mindset, an attitude of openness, and a genuine dedication towards fostering an inclusive work environment.

Create a safe space for everyone to express themselves.

Encourage them to talk about themselves or their life outside of work but don’t expect anyone to reveal themselves. Coming out is a process and it’s up to them who they want to tell and when. Create a safe space for them where they can speak freely about any challenges they might be facing. You could also start building a community for them to gather and support one another. Find ways to get everyone involved and create initiatives that promote acceptance and understanding.

Promote inclusive practices in your workplace.

To promote a culture of inclusion, your organisation should set up clear guidelines for appropriate workplace conduct that align with your values and beliefs. These guidelines could include addressing any instances of disrespectful behavior towards others.

Awareness should be part of every process. It’s important to stay mindful and aware of the impact our words and actions have on others. Start small and work on using an individual’s preferred name and pronouns. Our language matters a lot because it can make people feel included, empowered, and safe. On the flip side, using language carelessly can leave them feeling hurt. Overall, you should be aware of your team and its environment. If you notice someone not being treated with respect, don’t hesitate to speak up and do the right thing. 


Achieving LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workplace is an ongoing process that requires sustained effort and a commitment to improvement. You cannot achieve it overnight, because every workplace is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating a perfectly LGBTQIA+ inclusive environment. But being committed to making your workplace a safe environment and continuously seeking ways to provide support to your members is always a good start. 

If you want to get more insights on how to manage a team with members including those who identify as LGBTQIA+, you can always reach out to us for guidance and consultation.

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