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Shopify Meetup PH: Tips & Strategies to Drive Your Online Store for the Holiday Season


The Philippines is renowned for having the lengthiest Christmas celebration worldwide. As per Business Mirror, amid the pandemic, 76% of Filipinos shifted to online shopping, and 82% of Filipino shoppers sought out online shops for their holiday purchases(1). This presented a significant opportunity for online business proprietors to increase their earnings.

Last November 6 at 2 PM (Manila Time), Filta conducted a special Shopify Meetup PH with a focus on Tips & Strategies to Drive Online Stores for the Holiday Season. This webinar provided insights on how to achieve Christmas shopping triumphs from the comfort of their own homes. Attendees had the chance to learn from industry experts and professionals and were able to have answers to the following questions:

  • Were they ready to manage the surge of customers?
  • How could they make their online store stand out amidst heightened marketing efforts by competitors?
  • Was it a suitable moment to launch an online store, or was it too late?

Watch out for more Shopify Meetup PH events coming soon!

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