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The Extrovert’s Guide to Staying Connected: Ways to Build Camaraderie Remotely

The Extrovert’s Guide to Staying Connected: Ways to Build Camaraderie Remotely

Let’s face it, remote work can sometimes feel isolating, but most especially for extroverts. While this work setup offers convenience, it can be particularly challenging for those who thrive on social interaction and in-person connections. Extroverts draw energy from the buzz of an office, a coffee break with a work BFF, and those spontaneous chats. 

As for the extroverts who transitioned to remote work, they might experience some adjustments. Limited face-to-face contact can lead to feelings of isolation or decreased motivation. Another dilemma is that remote work can rely heavily on technology, which might not capture the full nuance of extroverted communication styles which may cause misunderstandings. 

Good thing, connection is still possible even with miles separating you from your team! With a little creativity, we can still find ways to build camaraderie. Here are some tips to help you build your relationship with your team and keep your social spark alive, even in a work-from-home environment.

Embrace video conferencing:

While instant messaging is convenient, video conferencing adds a human element to communication (sometimes you gotta see a real face!) Set up some video chats with your work crew, clients, or even your boss – it’s a great way to connect and feel more like you’re in the same room, even if you’re miles apart.

Invite people for virtual coffee breaks:

Introduce the concept of virtual coffee breaks.  Why not schedule a quick 15-20 minute video chat to just catch up and chat? No agenda, no pressure, just a chance to connect as humans.

Explore collaborative work tools:

Lots of project management tools now come with built-in chat features or connect with your favorite messaging apps. This means you can ditch the back-and-forth and have real-time conversations with your teammates. Imagine quick discussions about ideas, brainstorming sessions that happen virtually, and all the questions getting answered on the spot.

Volunteer for Team Projects:

Volunteering for team projects can be a total blast, especially if you’re someone who loves chatting and getting to know people. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice with colleagues you might not normally talk to. You can bounce ideas around, have some laughs, and before you know it, you’ve built some strong connections that can come in handy down the line. Plus, it’s way more fun to tackle a project with a team you actually enjoy working with!

Offer to mentor or help new team members:

Helping a new teammate can be seriously rewarding. Not only do you get to share your awesome work wisdom, but you also build a bond with someone fresh and full of ideas. It’s basically a win-win where you get to chat, share some laughs, and help someone feel welcome in the crew. Plus, who knows, they might even teach you a thing or two!

Join virtual conferences or online events:

The internet has an abundance of online conferences, workshops, and webinars with tons of free or affordable learning opportunities. Grab a colleague (or go solo) and try some new content. It’s a fantastic way to stay sharp, learn new things, and meet people who are as passionate about your field as you are.

Organize virtual game nights:

Gather your remote friends for virtual game nights. There are tons of awesome online platforms where you guys can connect, play some epic games, and just have a blast together. It’s the perfect way to unwind, catch up, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Plan virtual co-working sessions:

Suggest virtual co-working sessions with your work friend or teammate. Work alongside each other in a virtual space, enjoying the company and occasional interaction while remaining productive.

Schedule social calls with friends and family:

Working from home doesn’t have to feel like you’re on a deserted island! Set up virtual hangouts with your favorite peeps to keep the good vibes flowing and avoid feeling disconnected.

Remember,  being an extrovert in a remote world is not a disadvantage; it’s an opportunity!

Extroverts bring valuable energy, enthusiasm, and a collaborative spirit to the team. They excel at building communication, building relationships, and keeping the virtual workspace dynamic. So try to be the virtual cheerleader! Use your natural enthusiasm to uplift your team. Share positive news, celebrate successes, and be a source of encouragement through online communication channels. Don’t wait for others to initiate conversations. Ask colleagues about their day, their weekend plans, or even their favorite hobbies. And try to organize (or suggest!) virtual team-building activities.  Consider online games, trivia nights, or even virtual happy hours to create opportunities for informal interaction.

Forget the myth that remote work squashes the extrovert spirit! Embrace your strengths, and harness the power of your resources (technology) to connect and build a sense of camaraderie with the team. Give these tips a try to experience remote working that energizes an extrovert! You got this! Countless extroverts are thriving remotely, and you could be next!

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