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The Ultimate Experience: The Filta Way of Creating a Culture of Excellence


Culture goes way beyond team building activities, wellness workshops, and skill training. It’s all about your team’s shared values and characteristics and how they approach their work. The culture that you set in your organisation is expected to guide them in every action, interaction, and the decisions they make. And building a strong work culture is essential because it helps your team work more effectively towards your goals. 

But a culture of excellence is something much bigger and much deeper. It provides a deeper sense of value to your team members. It builds trust and confidence, and it lets your team feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves and what they are working on is meaningful and purposeful. 

Ultimately, this is what sets our community apart from other global outsourcing organisations. Here at Filta, we are not just any other outsourcing partner – we are more than that. Our community is full of dreamers with a passion to create a personal life with purpose and a dream to build a successful digital business. Every single day, we make sure that we are contributing to our vision of achieving the culture of excellence by equipping our teams with the right mindset and skills necessary to focus on creating our desired results. Whether it’s working on our projects, collaborating with other teams, or providing our clients with the best service possible, we want to make sure every moment with them is special. We want to make sure that we’re providing every single person we meet with the ultimate experience.  

The Ultimate Experience 

How do we create a culture of excellence within our community through the ultimate experience? How do we support our community and each other in order to make our dreams happen? 

We are always striving for more. 

We are relentless, obsessive, and uncompromising because being near enough is never good enough when creating the ultimate experience for our community. We create a culture of excellence by providing support and empowerment for every team member to become an expert in their roles. We are always committed to bringing the best out of every situation, and we know what’s good for our community just as much as we value and understand each other’s needs. Never settling for less, always striving for excellence. 

We are challenge-seeking and inquisitive. 

Grit and expertise are deeply rooted in our DNA. There are a lot of people who are talented in their own way, but what sets our community apart is our positive attitude towards work. We believe that success is not just about being talented but rather the combination of talent, resilience, discipline, competitiveness, and intelligence. By having the guts to face tough challenges head-on and the drive to continuously produce innovative solutions and remarkable outputs, we believe that success will inevitably follow. 

The ultimate experience can only be created if we work together as a team. 

We believe that providing the ultimate experience requires ultimate accountability. As an individual or as a team, we should own up to our actions and decisions, whether they’re good or bad, and take it as a learning experience. Being accountable also means that we need to follow through on our responsibilities and trust our teammates to do their part and contribute to the team effort. 

For us, the vision of creating the ultimate experience is one that never ends. This culture of excellence is not an end goal – it’s a trial and error and it’s something that is evolving. Achieving it is all about the interactions, behaviors, decisions, accomplishments and failures of our team, and how we commit ourselves to the highest standards. Our approach is to treat our clients and partners with the utmost attention, as if they are the only one in the world. Similarly, we value each community member as if they are our very first one. And, when we interact with anyone, we make it a point to treat them like they’re the most important person in the room. We make sure that every interaction with every individual is special. 

Our core value is in the number of these special moments we are creating every single day to make the lives of our community easier. We take pride in the education, empowerment, guidance, and support we provide to our clients and members. These are the reasons why our community exists, and it’s why our community grows. And this is the foundation of our culture of excellence. 

We are Filta. 

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