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Traditional vs. Remote Consulting Services

Traditional vs. Remote Consulting Services

Businesses today are always on the lookout for ways to run smoother, faster, and beat the competition. Consulting can be a big help with that, offering expert advice to solve tough problems. But with all the new tech and more people working from anywhere, the way companies get consulting help has changed a lot.

Let’s look at the two main ways to get consulting: having consultants come to your office, or working with them remotely (over video calls, etc.). We’ll break down the good and bad sides of each option to help you pick the best fit for your business.

Traditional Consulting: The Established Model

Known for its experience, on-site consulting provides:

  • In-person interaction: Consultants come on-site to your office. This lets them get a feel for your company’s way of working and collaborate directly with your team. This can build a strong connection and allow for immediate feedback as they work.
  • Specialized expertise: They bring together people who are super knowledgeable about specific industries and have a history of success. This means you can get help with almost anything, from figuring out your overall business plan to making sure you’re hiring the right people.
  • Project management: Consultants lead the way, handling everything from the first look at the situation to putting the solutions into action.

However, on-site consulting also comes with limitations:

  • Higher costs –Travel, accommodation, and consultant fees can significantly impact your budget, especially for long-term projects.
  • Limited flexibility – On-site consultants work within your physical location and schedule, potentially disrupting your workflow.
  • Scalability challenges –  Expanding or downsizing your consulting team can be difficult with an on-site model.

Remote Consulting: A Flexible and Cost-Effective Powerhouse

Remote consulting offers a great alternative:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Since there’s no travel or hotels needed, remote consulting usually costs less. This means businesses of all sizes can get help from top experts, even if your budget is tight.
  • Global talent pool: Teams don’t have to be limited by borders anymore! With remote collaboration, you can tap into a global network of highly skilled professionals. This means you can find the exact expert you need for your project, no matter where they live in the world.
  • Flexibility: Consultants don’t have to be stuck to the same office hours as you thanks to special tools. These tools let them work with you whenever it’s convenient, even if you’re in different parts of the world. This way, they can easily fit into your schedule and the way you already work.

While remote consulting offers numerous advantages, some considerations are worth noting:

  • Building rapport – Establishing a working relationship with a remote consultant requires more effort compared to on-site interaction. Clear communication and defined expectations are important.
  • Limited personal interaction – Brainstorming sessions and in-depth discussions might require more effort in a purely remote setting.
  • Technical issues – Technical difficulties like internet connection problems can disrupt communication and impact timelines.

FiltaAdvise: Consultation service that works for you. 

If you’re looking for help, FiltaAdvise, a remote consulting service by Filta, can be a great solution.

We understand the potential challenges of remote team management and offer a comprehensive framework designed to ensure the success of your business and outsourced staff:

  • Business Position Analysis Workshop: FiltaAdvise works closely with you to understand your business goals and expectations for your outsourced team.
  • Recruitment Search & Screening: We utilize our expertise to find the perfect professional who aligns with your company culture and skill requirements.
  • HRIS System: We provide a platform for your team, offering real-time performance feedback and supporting career development.
  • Monthly Team Satisfaction & Performance Reports: Gain insights into your team’s happiness, performance, and areas for improvement.
  • Onboarding & Setup: Filta helps you with onboarding your new team member, including payroll, HR processes, and IT setup.
  • Ongoing Support: FiltaAdvise offers continuous support throughout the engagement, including regular reviews, career goal workshops, cultural awareness training, and strategic guidance as needed.

Through FiltaAdvise you’ll get to access numerous educational resources alongside expert consultations to ensure that you and your team can collaborate smoothly, and reach your goals effortlessly. Experience the benefits of a global talent pool, cost-efficiency, and flexible collaboration with your global team.

Why choose Remote Consulting?

With remote consulting, both you and the consultant can focus on what truly matters. This also means more time to dedicate to the actual consulting work itself, maximizing efficiency.

But the benefits go beyond just saved time. Remote consulting opens the door to a wider pool of experts. You’re no longer limited to consultants in your local area. Instead, you can find the perfect specialist for your needs, regardless of location. 

Need to schedule a meeting around busy schedules or different time zones? No problem! Remote consultations offer the flexibility to connect whenever it works best, making it easier to collaborate effectively. 

Plus, remote meetings can actually improve focus. Sometimes being in the same physical space can lead to distractions. Virtual consultations can help everyone stay on track and concentrate on the specific issue at hand, resulting in more productive sessions. 

Remote consulting can also be a valuable option for businesses in rural areas or those with limitations on mobility. While the best choice depends on your specific situation, remote consulting offers a compelling combination of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and access to the top talent you need.

Adapting to new approaches is the best way to stay ahead in the industry. Remote consulting services are a smart way to get the help you need, no matter what the future holds. They’re easy on the wallet, let you move quickly, give you access to experts around the world, and fit your schedule. By going remote with your consulting, you open doors to endless possibilities for your business.

Ready to unlock the potential of remote consulting? Visit to learn more about FiltaAdvise’s comprehensive framework can help you manage your global team and reach your business goals.

You can also reach Filta via emailing Nerissa Chaux, Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at to discuss how Filta can support your business needs.

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