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Women on Spotlight: “How Strong Women Developers Are Made” in the Philippines


It’s great to see more and more women getting into tech and becoming skilled coders. However, despite their growing presence and contributions, female developers still face an uphill battle in a tech industry that’s dominated by men. 

At Filta, we’re all about empowering people to become their best. We’re on a mission to unleash people’s inner superpowers, and our first women in tech event is all about that – encouraging people, especially women, to reach their true potential. Our work with ecommerce businesses, digital agencies, and tech industries has given us a unique perspective on the incredible talent and potential of female developers. And that’s why we’re here to give them the recognition they deserve. Our goal is to create a more inclusive community for women developers to share their stories, give their thoughts on common challenges, and be there each other. By bringing women developers together and creating a supportive community, we hope to see them soar to new heights, break barriers, and make more waves in the tech industry. 

We kickstarted our year and took the tech world by storm with Filta’s inaugural global event, “A World Conquered by Women”. In the Philippines, we brought together an unstoppable force of women developers for “How Strong Women Developers Are Made” and it was done on a bustling Thursday afternoon in Makati. We invited tech experts Elora Que and Armielyn Obinguar to share their brains, show the impact their work makes, and help developers leverage their strengths. We wanted to provide our attendees with knowledge that would give them a competitive edge, no matter the gender.

Our seminar brought together a powerhouse group of attendees, with not just females, but with everyone from tech and digital marketing industries who are passionate to gain more knowledge about the web and development industry. Our intimate setting sparked dynamic and engaging conversations among attendees as they actively participated, sought guidance, and shared their insights on leadership, upskilling, and personal development. 

The topics revolved around the uniqueness of female developers and how they can use it to their advantage, making it a truly inspiring and enlightening experience for all. The speakers also shared their best and proven practices on how to lead and create change. The attendees left feeling empowered to make their presence known and conquer the tech world more confidently. 

Women Can Slay in the World of Coding by Armielyn Obinguar of Accenture  
Finding Creativity and Empathy in Tech by Elora Que of M360, Inc. 

At Filta, we believe in the power of communities. We want to create special moments for everyone, that’s why we’re thrilled to have hosted our first in-person seminar of the year in the Philippines and Colombia. This special event brought together a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts, eager to learn, grow, and make a positive difference in their workplaces.  It was a meaningful opportunity to empower female developers to be their best, add more value to their skills, and provide solutions to challenges that come their way.  

And trust us, this is just the beginning. There’s so much more in store from Filta, and we can’t wait to keep sharing, growing, and making a positive impact together.

Keep an eye on our Events Page for all the latest happenings and opportunities to get involved! 

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