More than just people and seats.

Building and managing a global team is more complex than just hiring people and finding office space. There are many different variables that come into play when working across geographies and cultures. Some are known, others aren’t.

Through our experiences, we have developed a framework based on support and guidance to help excellence driven eCommerce businesses thrive when building multiregional teams.

Our goal is not to help you build a team that’s cheap.

Our goal is to deliver to help you build a team that’s good value; an outsourced team that actually works, becomes an integral part of your global team, and delivers measurable return on investment for your business.

Outsourcing allows you to build a team that’s truly your own.

Outsourcing is about investing in a team that’s yours and works very similar to your onshore team. They work a full-time schedule in a location chosen by you, and operate under the organisational culture, processes, and hours of your core business.

You’re investing in a group of people who will grow with your business and are there to help on a full-time basis, delivering whatever’s needed to achieve that. Outsourcing is a great way of delivering cost efficiency for your organisation when you want to invest time in building a resource that’s distinctly yours.

Finding great talent in the

following disciplines:

Creative Design
Creative Design
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing, Search & Social
Traditional Advertising
Traditional Advertising & Marketing
eCommerce Customer Support
eCommerce Customer Support
Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant & Administration

Selecting A Country
That Works.

Many countries throughout the world are now becoming hubs for building global teams, due to their cost competitiveness, deeper talent pool and ease of geographical access.

Selecting the country that’s right for you primarily depends on time zone alignment, proficiency of language spoken by your existing team, and availability of skillsets needed by your organisation.


Colombia or Philippines or both.

With high accessibility, time zone alignment and new world skillsets, both the Philippines and Colombia are go-to outsourcing locations for organisations in APAC/EMEA and North America respectively.

Both locations possess the technical acumen and creative minds needed to tackle even the most complex challenges with flair.

For organisations looking for consistency in their ‘around the sun’ teams, choosing both locations with Filta can offer fantastic reliability and quality as we provide the same level of support across both countries.

Building a Global Team Your Onshore Team Loves.

It’s natural to wonder how your onshore team will take to the introduction of a new outsource team to your business. Typically, getting the onshore team involved in the hiring and selection process of the new team greatly bridges the gap, and fosters instant inclusion.

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Building Global Teams Your Clients Love.

Increasingly, eCommerce-focused businesses are placing more responsibility on their outsourced teams to deliver what the end client wants.

Great success has been achieved by businesses that have built teams focusing on understanding the challenges, creating innovative solutions, and solving problems – both internally and for the end client and user.

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Help You Shape Your Team For Success

We’ll Help You Shape Your Team For Success.

  • They’re your team, we want you to shape them how you see fit
  • We’re here to provide ongoing support throughout - so will provide guidance on what we know works, and help alert you to any challenges we see before they become challenges
  • We’ll also help infuse your organisations values to help make it a truly integrated global team
Finding You The Team Members You Need

Finding You The Team Members You Need.

  • We provide recruiting to help you build your team in the right way
  • We focus on a quality fit, that’s tailored to your business
  • We’ve established ourselves as market leaders in the eCommerce, Digital and Creative spaces - playing host to the world’s largest Shopify meetup. This helps us attract the best talent.
A Nurturing Environment

A Nurturing Environment.

  • We focus on a making sure the team is happy, productive, and continuously aligned to where you need to get them to provide real value.
  • Our environment is one focussed on giving the same or better space and conditions your onshore team would enjoy.

Our Inclusions.

When you work with us, we provide more for you and your team.

Built-in HR Support

Built-in HR Support

Recruiting for the roles you need

Full scoping & recruiting for the roles you need, with constant contact throughout.

Cultural training workshops

Cultural training workshops for your onshore & offshore teams to help bridge the gap & engage your new team for success.

Monthly review & timelined workshops

Monthly review & timelined workshops to support you & your team on career growth & management.

Access to team management tools

Ongoing access to team management tools, such as our real-time HRIS for you & your team.

Monthly attendance

Monthly attendance & team happiness insights provided to you.

Customised monthly updates

Customised monthly updates on your team; what they’re up to & regular deeper insight into who they are.

Cultural infusion workshops

Cultural infusion workshops to help instill your organisations values in your new offshore team, in a culturally sensitive way.

Access to a growing library of soft & technical skills training

Access to a growing library of soft & technical skills training to help equip your team for the job.

Both onshore & offshore support

Both onshore & offshore support - 365 days a year. This means the ability to meet with us, in-person, whenever you need strategic advice & support to help your offshore team succeed.

Cultural training & support

Cultural training & support: to help them better understand how to get the most from working with your onshore team.

Monthly social activities

Monthly social activities: Everyone in your team has access to team building & social activities.

erformance & loyalty perks

Performance & loyalty perks.

Their own Filta certified & wellness coach

Their own Filta certified & wellness coach: helping manage personal challenges as well as any technical roadblocks to their own success.

Access to training to help upskill

Access to training to help upskill them in their role.

How to Get Started ?

If outsourcing is the solution you need, the only question you need to ask yourself, Philippines, Colombia or both?