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In-demand Roles in Colombia and the Philippines

In-demand Roles in Colombia and the Philippines

Are you looking for a career adventure in the world of technology? Did you know that talents like you from Colombia and the Philippines are the professionals that international clients have been tapping into when building their remote workforce? These two dynamic countries are beaming with opportunities for tech-savvy professionals. We’ll dive into the in-demand tech and IT roles that are propelling these countries forward, providing you with an introduction to where you will position yourself if you are planning to work remotely with international clients.


Hold on tight because we’re about to give you an inside look at the job roles that have captured the attention of international clients and businesses. Whether you are mid or expert-level, get ready to uncover the secrets of these thriving job markets and unlock a world of exciting career opportunities.


Software Developers and Engineers:

Do you have the skills and talent for programming? Whether you’re a coding ninja in Python, Java, or JavaScript, get ready to strut your stuff and work on cutting-edge projects. From building eye-catching websites to creating mind-blowing mobile apps, the possibilities to make your mark and push technology to the limits are endless if you are planning to work with international clients.


Many businesses are on the hunt for fresh minds and creative problem solvers. As a skilled software developer or engineer, you’ll get to dive into exciting projects, collaborate with brilliant teams, and shape the digital landscape. These countries offer an exhilarating playground where your coding superpowers can truly shine. So, gear up, sharpen those coding skills, and prepare to embrace the fast-paced world of software development. It’s time to unleash your potential and conquer the thrilling realm of technology!


Data Scientists and Analysts:

In the world of business, data holds the key to success, and many international businesses are in need of data experts like you to unlock their secrets. Many countries are actively seeking skilled data scientists and analysts who can fearlessly dive into massive volumes of information and extract insights. As a data scientist or analyst, you’ll have the chance to work with cutting-edge tools and techniques, uncover valuable insights, and guide companies towards informed and intelligent decisions. If you have a passion for working numbers, visualising data, and predicting trends, then you’re in for a treat. These dynamic job markets offer thrilling opportunities to apply your skills and drive data-driven decision-making. Get ready, position yourself now, and start your data-mazing journey.


Cybersecurity Specialists:

In this age of advancing technology, cyber threats are on the rise, and many companies in the world are strengthening their defences. They need cybersecurity specialists to keep the bad threats away. If you’re a digital detective with expertise in network security, ethical hacking, or risk assessment, organisations are eagerly looking for your skills. Help protect valuable data and systems while thwarting cyber attacks, and you will be surely in demand among different companies.


Sharpen your cybersecurity expertise and make a real impact by safeguarding businesses from malicious cyber attacks.


Cloud Architects and Engineers:

In the fast-evolving tech industry, the cloud has emerged as a powerful tool. Organisations are eagerly seeking cloud architects and engineers who can design, implement, and oversee cloud-based infrastructures. Whether you’re well-versed in AWS, a Microsoft Azure aficionado, or a Google Cloud guru, these countries provide the perfect platform for cloud enthusiasts like yourself. With expertise in DevOps, containerization technologies like Docker, and automation, you have the opportunity to become an in-demand cloud professional.


International businesses understand the immense benefits of cloud computing and are actively looking for professionals who can maximise its capabilities. As a cloud architect or engineer, you’ll play a big role in building scalable and secure cloud environments, optimising performance, and ensuring efficient resource allocation. Your skills in deploying cloud solutions, managing infrastructure, and implementing automation will be highly valued. Embrace the exciting world of cloud technology in these job markets, and showcase your ability to use the power of the cloud to drive innovation and transform businesses. 



Colombia and the Philippines have a bunch of professionals that are experts in tech and IT. Many businesses from other countries are tapping into them. Whether they’re a coding specialist, a data master, or a cybersecurity expert, they have a place to start their tech journey. 

This is your chance to hone your skills and prove what you’re made of as a digital tech professional, you don’t know when a client will send an email and say that they are needing your skills!

Want to start your career with international clients? Why don’t you try joining Filta? We are eagerly looking for a digital tech professional like you. We recruit talented professionals aligned with the Tech and IT industry. If your job is related to these in-demand roles, you can visit our careers page and learn more about how you can work with us and enjoy the benefits of being a Filta community member!

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