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Time Zones, Taxes, and Talent: The Practicalities of Building a Global Team

Time Zones, Taxes, and Talent: The Practicalities of Building a Global Team

The modern business world is no longer limited by location. Thanks to technology and the internet, we have now access to a global talent pool, allowing companies to tap into a wider range of skills and expertise. But building a team across different countries does come with some hurdles. There are three main things to keep in mind: time zone differences, managing taxes, and making sure we’re effectively managing our team members.

Time Zones

The first hurdle we face when building a global team? Time zone! With team members all over the world, scheduling meetings and ensuring collaboration can be a nightmare. Here are some strategies to bridge the time zone gap:

  • Set a regular time slot when most teammates are available for meetings and real-time communication. It might mean early mornings or late evenings for some, but it creates a focused block for getting things done together. 
  • Use project boards, chat apps, and shared documents to keep everyone in the loop, even when they’re working at different times. This lets everyone contribute on their own schedule and still stay on top of things.

Building a global team is like unlocking a productivity powerhouse. With team members worldwide, projects keep moving even when you’re offline. Faster response times for customers in any time zone become a reality, ensuring continuous progress. It’s a win for both productivity and customer engagement!


Tax implications can become tricky when managing a global workforce. Each country has its own tax laws, and companies need to ensure compliance to avoid legal and financial troubles. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Compliance is key! Do your research about payroll and taxation regulations in your team member’s country. Be thorough with this to save yourself from penalties or worse.
  • Understand the tax residency rules for each country your team members reside in. Residency can determine where they pay taxes and your company’s tax obligations.

Building a global team can potentially save on costs by finding talent in regions with lower salaries, but legal and tax implications vary greatly. Consider consulting tax and legal professionals to navigate these complexities and explore potential tax incentives in different locations.


Putting together a global team isn’t just about finding the right skills; it’s about finding the right cultural fit too. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Cultivate a company culture that thrives in a remote environment. This means open communication, transparency, and a strong sense of team spirit despite the physical distance.
  • Prioritize clear and consistent communication across all levels. Keep everyone in the loop! Regularly share company goals, projects, and news to make sure the whole team feels included.
  • Embrace the diversity of your global team. Celebrate cultural differences and actively promote an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected for their unique contributions. This will ensure a more inclusive and productive work environment for everyone.

Building a global team can bring together a diverse range of talent and perspectives, sparking creativity and innovation. You can access all-star team members through a global talent pool that lets you find unique expertise you might not have discovered yet. Find people who share your core values, regardless of their background. Embrace these differences and create an inclusive environment. This creates a powerful and productive global workforce! 

Additional Considerations

While time zones, taxes, and talent are critical aspects, there are also additional considerations that play a vital role in facilitating collaboration and communication within a global team. Here are some essential things to consider:

  • Stay connected and organized with your global team by using the latest tech and tools (project management platforms, cloud storage, and communication tools). These allow you to track progress, share files, assign tasks, and chat or video conference all in one place.
  • Building a global team means creating a strong sense of teamwork despite the distance. Organize virtual team-building activities to build connections. Keep communication clear and consistent, updating everyone on projects, and keeping everyone in the loop. Finally, celebrate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of your team to create a truly inclusive and powerful global team.
  • Consider partnering with a global workforce organization that can cover all of your concerns— like Filta! 

Filta offers services that target your concerns with Time Zones, Taxes, and Talent to ensure you achieve and experience the practicalities of having a global dream team! 

Do not worry about having to adjust your core working hours when collaborating with your global team members. If you’re looking to outsource with similar work hours – US businesses can check out Colombia, while companies from Australia can choose the Philippines! We can connect you with the best experts from either the Philippines or Colombia, through our service, FiltaRecruit. We’ll help find the right fit that can perfectly align or adjust to your office hours for a seamless collaboration.

Thinking about taxes and payroll can be such a hassle when working with someone abroad. You can be at ease for Filta offers an EOR service through FiltaEmploy. No need to worry about compliance, payroll, and taxes. We can handle all the legalities so you and your global team can focus on your work. 

No need to be concerned about working with a diverse group of people. Filta can also help you navigate working with people from anywhere in the world. Without over 70 years of global experience, we can help you manage your teams efficiently and effectively through our consultation service, FiltaAdvise. 

In addition to that, we can also support your team’s technical needs by sourcing equipment and delivering it straight to their doorstep to ensure that they can do their tasks efficiently through FiltaEquip. And of course, we can help you global team members grow and connect with other members of our community through FiltaEngage. 

Outsourcing your global team with Filta means tapping into the practicalities of global teams without all the hassle. We have already established effective systems and best practices to ensure that you can collaborate seamlessly with the experts you need, anywhere in the world. 

Assembling a global team takes planning, effort, and a willingness to adapt. Addressing time zone challenges, navigating tax complexities, and finding the best talent, can help companies unlock the immense potential of a diverse team. 

Ultimately, remember that a successful global team goes beyond overcoming these factors; it’s also about creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute and collaborate effectively, regardless of location.

Partner with a reliable outsourcing provider that can help you build and manage your global dream team. Filta can handle it all for you. You can visit to learn more and get started.

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