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Unlock Success: Building Remote Teams in Colombia

Unlock Success: Building Remote Teams in Colombia

In today’s world, remote work is increasingly in demand, and finding the right location to build your remote team is essential. Luckily, Colombia stands out as an exceptional choice for business owners seeking to create a high-performing remote workforce. 


With its growing economy, diverse talent pool, and business-friendly environment, Colombia offers a wealth of opportunities for organisations to create remote teams that not only meet their needs but also excel in driving innovation, enhancing productivity, and embracing a global perspective. In this blog post, we will help you answer your question about what it looks like to work with Colombians and the advantages and best practices of building remote teams in this country. Let us help you decide and truly build your best remote workforce in Colombia.


You have access to a diverse skilled workforce.

If you’re from a Western country and looking for highly educated and skilled professionals across various industries, Colombia is your best choice. The country’s talent pool is full of tech-savvy developers, creative designers, and customer service professionals, among others. No matter what skills you require, Colombia has a wide range of talent ready to meet your business needs. With a strong educational system producing a wealth of skilled graduates, building a remote team in Colombia offers you access to diverse perspectives and expertise. This diversity boosts creativity and innovation within your teams, helping them to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas that can drive your business forward.


By tapping into Colombia’s talent pool, you can embrace a dynamic and resourceful remote team that brings a bunch of skills and experiences to the team you are planning to build. The pool of skilled graduates ensures that you can find the right professionals who align with your specific requirements. Embracing this diverse talent helps to cultivate an environment where creativity thrives, enabling your team to approach challenges from multiple angles and come up with innovative solutions. With a remote team in Colombia, you can leverage this rich talent pool to propel your business to new heights and stay ahead of the game.


Colombian time can be your advantage.

When it comes to building a remote workforce in Colombia, one cool advantage is its time zone. Colombia clocks around the UTC-5 time zone, which means it overlaps with business hours in North and South America. Why is this awesome? Well, it means that your remote team in Colombia can work and collaborate in real time with clients and colleagues in those regions!


No more time differences or scheduling headaches! With the time zone on your side, your team can easily sync up with the working hours of your target markets. This means faster responses to client inquiries, smoother project coordination, and fast team meetings. Gone are the days that your communication delays with your team, when you are working with a Colombian team.


This also means that your remote team in Colombia can have closer connections with other teams across different locations. We have seen this advantage here in Filta, that is why, aside from the Philippines, we also built a Colombian team where we can touch more businesses and help their business grow as much as we are!


Their strong connectivity promotes a seamless remote work experience for your team.

Colombia has invested heavily in its digital infrastructure, ensuring reliable internet connectivity and strong telecommunication networks. Major cities like Bogotá (where Filta has an office!), Medellín and Cali offer modern coworking spaces, tech hubs, and a thriving startup ecosystem. This supportive infrastructure and connectivity enable seamless remote work experiences, allowing your teams to collaborate effectively and stay connected across borders.


So, get ready to embrace the digital wonders of Colombia! It’s where smooth remote work experience is seamless and fast. Say goodbye to the days of unreliable connections and hello to a whole new level of remote work awesomeness. Colombia has got the infrastructure game on lock, and your remote teams are in for an epic ride!


Their cultural compatibility and language proficiency helps them to work easily with international clients.

Colombians are known for their warmth, friendliness, and strong work ethic. The country’s culture emphasises collaboration and teamwork, aligning well with Western business practices. Additionally, English proficiency levels are rising, with many Colombians being bilingual or multilingual, facilitating smooth communication and effective collaboration with international team members and clients.


With Colombians on your remote team, you can expect a friendly, dedicated workforce that brings people together and gets every task completed and done.


Filta established a team in Colombia, even though there was a considerable distance and time zone difference compared to the Philippine team. However, they still manage to work together effectively and collaboratively. Thanks to the warmth and friendly culture of Colombians, they can successfully fulfil their responsibilities, even while working with other Filta teams located in other countries.


Other tips if you are building remote teams in Colombia:

  1. Clearly define hiring criteria and job descriptions to attract the right talent.
  2. Use reputable local recruiting agencies or online platforms to connect with skilled professionals. You can contact Filta!
  3. Establish effective communication channels and utilise collaboration tools for seamless virtual teamwork.
  4. Foster a strong company culture through virtual team-building activities and creating a sense of belonging.
  5. Provide competitive compensation packages aligned with local standards and offer incentives for outstanding performance.
  6. Invest in professional development opportunities to help remote team members enhance their skills and stay motivated.
  7. Embrace diversity and inclusion to embrace a dynamic and inclusive work environment.



Building remote teams in Colombia brings numerous benefits to your organisation. From accessing a diverse talent pool and cost-effectiveness to a favourable time zone overlap and a strong internet connection, Colombia offers an enticing proposition for establishing global remote teams. By following best practices and utilising Colombia’s unique advantages, you can unlock the full potential of your remote teams and drive success in the global marketplace.


At Filta, we also built a team in Colombia. Not for the sake of just expanding, but like you, we started to think about the advantages it can contribute to us if we add Colombians to our workforce. And we proved it! Colombians are great to work with, they are very professional and have good productivity towards their work. That’s why, we continue to grow our team in LATAM, Colombia, and continue to give the ultimate experience to everyone in the world.


Want to start your Colombian remote team? Contact our Chief Growth Officer, Nerissa Chaux at and she’ll be delighted to talk you through the process of building your next Colombian team!

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