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Why Outsourcing is a Smart Choice for eCommerce Businesses

Why Outsourcing is a Smart Choice for eCommerce Businesses

Welcome to the world of eCommerce, where businesses move at lightning speed, and competition is fierce. If you’re running an online business, you must know that every decision you make significantly impacts your bottom line – the net profit or income that your business generates after accounting for all expenses. In other words, it’s the money that goes into your pocket, and it’s what ultimately determines the viability and sustainability of your business. Therefore, it’s always crucial to look for ways and make informed decisions to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the curve.  

Enter outsourcing – as defined in our previous blog, the practice of contracting out specific business functions to external service providers. It’s the buzzword in the world of eCommerce, and for good reason! But let’s face it, outsourcing can be a bit of a love-hate relationship because, on one hand, it can save you money and boost efficiency, but on the other, it can be a risky business if not approached correctly. 

So, in this blog, we’ll explore more of outsourcing and show you why it’s a smart choice for eCommerce businesses. We’ll also give you a few pointers on how to make the most of outsourcing while keeping the risks at bay. Get ready to say, “Out with the old, and in with the outsourced!” 


The Traditional Benefits of Outsourcing

Let’s start with the basics – the bread and butter of outsourcing, its most cited benefits. We’re talking about cost savings, improved efficiency, access to specialised skills, and greater flexibility, which was defined here. By outsourcing specific functions, you can focus on your core competencies and access expertise that may not be available in-house. Plus, it can help you adapt more quickly to changing market conditions and scale up or down as needed. It’s like having your own army of experts at your fingertips! 

Now, this is where things get interesting because there’s actually more to outsourcing than the traditional benefits: 


Outsourcing as a Strategic Partnership

Outsourcing can be a strategic partnership that goes beyond just saving money. By working closely with an outsourcing provider, you can gain valuable insights into best practices, new technologies, and industry trends. They can act as your consultants to help you improve your operations, and even identify areas for innovation. It’s like having a business coach who knows all the tricks of the trade. 


Outsourcing for Innovation

Speaking of innovation, outsourcing can also be a catalyst for change. Outsourcing providers often have access to cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that may not be available in-house. By collaborating with them, you can experiment with new approaches and stay ahead of the curve. This can lead to new product or service offerings, helping you stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. 


Outsourcing for Risk Management

Let’s not forget about the risks involved in eCommerce. Cyber threats, supply chain disruptions, and data breaches are just a few of the many risks that businesses face. But outsourcing can be an effective risk management strategy. Outsourcing specific functions, such as IT or logistics, can help you mitigate these risks and ensure business continuity in the face of unexpected challenges. Plus, outsourcing providers often have robust risk management protocols in place, giving you an extra layer of security. It will be like having a superhero to protect you from the villains of the eCommerce world! 


Outsourcing for Customer Experience

Last but not least, we have customer experience. By outsourcing customer service or fulfillment operations, you can ensure that your customers receive the highest level of service and support. Outsourcing providers can offer you 24/7 customer service, multilingual support, and other features that may be difficult to provide in-house. By focusing on the customer experience, you can build brand loyalty and increase your customer retention. 


Is outsourcing a smart choice for eCommerce Businesses?

Yes, outsourcing is definitely a smart choice for eCommerce businesses, especially those that want to stay ahead of the game. So, if you’re an eCommerce business owner, it’s time to consider outsourcing as a valuable tool in your arsenal. From cost savings to strategic partnerships, innovation, risk management, and customer experience, outsourcing can offer a range of benefits that can help you thrive in a competitive market.  

By working with external service providers, like Filta, you can access specialised skills, stay up to date with the latest industry trends, experiment with new approaches, mitigate risks, and improve customer satisfaction with round-the-sun support. At Filta, you’ll have a whole team of talented experts located in different parts of the globe who are dedicated to your business’s success. You also won’t need to worry about local laws, learning local customs, and understanding local business practices, when you choose to outsource because we already got you! Our services will provide you with a safety net that will allow you to expand your reach and scale your operation with minimal risks.  

Take the first step to outsourcing with Filta by messaging Nerissa Chaux, Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, at She’ll be excited to walk you through everything that you need to know and treat you to your favorite drink!  

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