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Your Guide to Building a Winning Global Work From Home Team

Your Guide to Building a Winning Global Work From Home Team

Welcome to the world of interconnected possibilities. In today’s exciting era, businesses have broken free from the chains of geography and embarked on a global talent hunt. Say goodbye to traditional boundaries and hello to the power of outsourcing and remote work! 

Now, companies can tap into a diverse and dynamic pool of talent from all parts of the globe, transcending not only borders but also time zones.

We give you this guide to know how to successfully build your own global Work from Home team and unlock the potential success you can get in adapting to today’s ultimate game-changer.


Discover your team’s needs. 

Begin by identifying the specific skills and roles you require. Explore tasks and responsibilities that can be delightfully managed remotely. Then, you can uncover the geographic potential. Choose the regions or countries where talent flourishes. Embrace the magic of language proficiency, cultural compatibility, and the dance of time zones.

Filta’s secret lies in tapping into the incredible talent from the vibrant Philippines and captivating Colombia. These two powerhouses, despite the time differences, still blend with top-notch skills and align seamlessly with the needs of our clients. We proudly serve as matchmakers, connecting organisations with their dream teams, and ensuring that it becomes a reality. 

With Filta by your side, building a Work from Home team has never been more exciting and fulfilling!


Find solutions to break the distance within your Work From Home teams.

Prepare for enhanced communication in the workplace! Set up efficient communication channels using tools like video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management platforms. Witness seamless collaboration as your team connects and works together effortlessly, regardless of distance.

Speaking of solutions, breaking the distance within the Work from Home teams, Filta maximises the use of Zoom Meeting and Google Meet, and other project management tools to let our team members connect and work effectively without thinking of the limitations caused by the distance gap. It’s now a fast-paced world, anyway! So, let us maximise what the world has to offer that can speed up and make our lives easier!


Cultivating harmony and unity within your Work From Home team.

Imagine a world where employees are scattered across point A and point B. How can you encourage them to collaborate and work harmoniously despite the distance gap? Yes, there are various tools to connect them but unifying will take two tango!

At Filta, we’ve unlocked the key to encouraging our team members to dance together, share ideas, and lift each other up virtually. Having virtual gatherings and team-building adventures also adds up to a joyful and stronger bond. 

Through this, Filta has become more than an outsourcing organisation and made us a community!


Making sure they can have all the resources they need.

Picture this: When you’re building a global dream team, don’t fret about your employees being confined to their own little bubbles. Just because they’re in their own spaces doesn’t mean they have to rely solely on their own resources. 

Yes, it is optional to have a physical office when having a global Working from Home team, however, you still need to provide the proper resources. This will save them time to find ways through things and finish their job well.

No office, no problem! You can break free from physical boundaries with a global Work from Home team. But remember, equipping them right is essential to save time and ace their tasks.

We call it, FiltaEquip! Filta goes the extra mile to ensure our employees are ready to rock. Before their first day, we deliver essential tools like laptops and headsets, empowering them to deliver top-notch work and exceed client expectations.


Tracking the performance of your Work From Home team.

Is curiosity kicking in? Totally understandable! It’s your baby, your business, and you want the assurance that everything is sailing smoothly, right on track. 

We want you to stop worrying, as there are various tools to track your employees’ time and if they are working on their tasks. There are time-tracking tools and project management tools you can use. See below the tools and tips we highly recommend as this helped us track everything.

  1. Time Doctor – For time and productivity tracking for your global Work From Home team.
  2. ClickUp – For project management to track the finished tasks of your global Work From Home team and;
  3. Make a monthly performance evaluation for your team to realign everyone and also give them uplifting feedback when they do the job well!


Embracing and understanding the cultural differences

Embrace the global flavour! Cultural differences are part and parcel of building a worldwide Work From Home dream team. Brace yourself for this exciting ride! You might initially see it as a challenge but fear not. You’ve stumbled upon this awesome blog that’s about to spill some serious wisdom!

Filta’s got the ultimate solution: Dive into cultural exploration and just roll with it! This helped countless global businesses triumph, and now it’s your turn to unlock that power. 

Here at Filta, we make sure our new clients and employees hit the ground running. During their first week, we serve up a delightful buffet of insights into different countries’ cultures and work attitudes. It’s a crash course in global harmony!

We also have a blog that covers a deeper understanding of this topic. You read that also!


In Conclusion

Embarking on the journey of building a global Work From Home team is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities. By understanding the right ways, you’ll build a powerhouse that surpasses limitations.

Before you do, Filta has gone through this thinking process about whether building a global Work From Home team would be a wild ride of rewards or an adventure worth pursuing. That is why we are sharing this guide with you to help you manage your expectations and address your questions. 


Interested in building your own global Work From Home team? Email Filta’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Nerissa Chaux, at and let’s create your ultimate remote team together!

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