Let us guide you through the
nuances of outsourced staff.

We have refined and tested our outsourcing framework to help you build a team that actually works. Regardless of whether you have two or twenty team members, we can walk you through our framework and help you get the most out of your people.

Our Framework.

Business Position Analysis Workshop

We sit down with you and your onshore team and learn all about your business, your plans and expectations for your outsource team, and what success looks like for each role.

Recruitment Search, Screening & Placement

We then take your Business Position Analysis Report and find the person that fits your onshore culture and skills need. This is driven using the criteria we'd use to recruit for a local team, to ensure you achieve a perfect fit.

HRIS System

With the tyranny of distance and ambiguity being the biggest enemy to success, we can deliver a platform that gives your team real-time feedback on how they're progressing towards their career goals, their learning & development and ultimately their impact to your business. At this phase, we'll conduct a 2 hour workshop to understand the KPIs that matter to you, and how your team can achieve and exceed them.

Monthly Team Satisfaction & Performance Report

It's the little things that make or break a team, and either make managing from afar a breeze or a real headache. Each month we'll prepare a short report giving you insights on your teams happiness and levels of satisfaction in their role, on-time attendance performance and more, and how that compares to the Filta-wide community average - to help give you all the insights you need to make the management decisions that work.

Onboarding & Setup

We then set up your newest team member. This includes getting their payroll set up, their initial HR onboarding, western business training and their desk and IT needs.

6 Month Review & Regularisation

An important part of workplace culture, a recorded catch-up to determine if your team member has achieved all their goals, and if yes, to celebrate them passing probation.

Monthly Reviews

Monthly recorded catch-ups with your team, with Filta's support. This is designed to help ensure your team member stays on track during their early months, and happens at months 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 12, and then every 6 months from then on. We can be as hands on or hands off as you like, tailoring these to match how you see you managing your team best.

Upskill Training

Want your team member to branch out into digital marketing? Maybe small business 101 would help them grow your organisation better? Need them to switch from building sites in WordPress to Shopify? Here we give your team member access to a growing library of inhouse training packages, presented by us in a way that works best for your business, to ensure they'll grow with the role you need them to fill.

Engaging Your Team For Success Workshops

Two cultural awareness training sessions, one each for your onshore and offshore team. This workshop details key professional cultural differences between the two countries and how to engage with each other in a way that delivers a productive team and a happy multicultural workplace.

Career Goal Setting Workshops

A series of 3 workshops. The first to help extract honest career & salary growth aspirations from your team member. The second workshop is with you on, if and how to achieve this. Lastly, we then workshop together to formulate a plan that's both fulfilling for your team member and productive for your business.

Annual Reviews & Career Goal Refinement

Guided and recorded review with Filta's support, with your team member self-assessing how they've tracked toward their career goals, how you feel they've gone, and how everyone might want to refine their career goals for the year ahead.

Annual Outsourcing Strategy Review

We'll give you a rundown on how your teams gone for the year, find out how we can improve what we do for your business, and plan for what you need in the year ahead.

Ongoing Strategic Support When You Need It Most

It goes without saying that making sure your team is healthy, happy and has everything they need to be productive for your organisation is a core standard for all our clients.
But there'll be times when something more challenging comes along that you need us to help strategically guide you through, like a tricky HR issue. Or maybe a workshop completely customised to the unique needs of your team and business. Or a plan to improve your team’s morale and on time performance.
Onsite, offsite, over the phone, day, or night - this is the piece of the puzzle that makes sure you have access to our expertise when you need it most, to help you build an outsourcing team that actually works.

Looking for something more permanent? Why not talk to us about a custom solution.

Depending on the size of your team and the attention you need, we can build a solution that works for your situation while still taking advantage of our hands-on approach to outsourcing.